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cuck boxes for camping...need plans or ideas!!!!!!

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Hello everyone,


I have recently rejoined scouts as a leader. When I was a youth in scouting i remeber when my council went to the national jamboree we had some realy great chuck boxes to keep the cooking equipment in. The troop that i have rejoined with have older worn down boxes that need to be replaced with better idease for storeage. I was wondering if anyone on this board might know a place were i might find some plans or ideas for some.






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I'm no carpentry genius, but in my Technology class at school we made a swivel ottoman with no plans,guides,etc.

We had one original ottoman that we reverse-engineered and made plans from. Maybe, if one of the old boxes is still around, you could try that.



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Here are a few sites that might be helpful:






This is a retail site but it has a lot of ideas you might be able to incorporate:




Personally I use those big rubbermaid (or similar) boxes. They hold everything and are a lot lighter .(This message has been edited by ScoutNut)

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Chuck or patrol boxes come in many designs and sizes. I like the ones that the boys can carry and setup. Take a look in the Campmor catalog, there is a patrol box there and under magnification you can get a very good idea of how it is put together. I am building one for myself based on that picture. Might also try web search for chuck boxes or a variation of that.

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Scoutnut's last comment is right on the money. I have used both, and the plastic boxes were much easier, unless at a long term camp.


I did the design on the patrol box that my troop will be using. First decide what you want to take, and then it is fairly easy to make. I personally like the two-sided box for allowing two boys to be doing something at the same time.


The idea of a dolly or adding wheels is a great one.


Paul Johnson

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heres a plastic one - expensive, but I found it at SAm's club for $29. 91 !!!!




theres a number to build -

search under camp kitchens, patrol box (es), cooking, etc.


heres a nice big one



fancy ones...




versatile one:




have fun!



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