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Handbook preference

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With the scouting year starting to wind down (9 weeks, 7 meetings for my pack), I am planning to buy the Bear Handbook for my son soon.

I am wondering if the members of this forum have any input on the spiral bound books vs. the conventional hardbound spine style.

Last year, I had hoped to get the spiral bound style Wolf book, but the scout shop was out before I got there.

There is a plethora of both types on the shelf right now.


Has anyone had experience with both styles and is there a better option? Or is this one of those 'It doesn't really matter...' type scenarios?

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My family vastly prefers the spiral bound version. It lies flat; that's everything to us. I've also had the binding break on the bound versions, due to us trying to keep it flat once too many times.


The spiral bound are more expensive ($8.99 vs $14.99). I think I read on this forum that some people took their bound books, had the binding cut off in a big paper cutter, and had Kinkos (or Staples, whatever) do a spiral binding. I think it cost $2 or so, so you could make your own.


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For Boy Scout Books the spiral bound books are much better and seem more durable, as long as the boys don't rip the pages out. We try to get the boys to make them last the 7 years they're in the troop. The cub books however are ok with the standard binding as they are used for only one year (more or less) then traded up. I wouldn't spend the extra money on the spiral cub books unless you're using them on an extended basis.


Note about the standard bound scout handbook. My son's first scout handbook started to fall apart within a year of joining the troop and receiving his first book. The rank advancement section 'fell out' and was eventually lost. This was a huge pain in the back side as we needed to replace all of those dates and sigs...


We ended up retreiving the official record and guessing at who signed what. Part of the cool thing about scout books is seeing who signed a kid off and when through his years in the troop.

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spiral absolutely.


Our pack gives out books as part of the advancement at year end. What I have done as they buy the "regular" books, is take it to staples (most office supply and printers do this) and have them cut the spine off and put a spiral on it.


I have found it so hard to check off all the stuff with the regular one.


Also I do a lot of cut and pasting into word for certain advancement stuff and achievements. The books are so small and my old eyes have a hard time reading. (ie from online info - you can get 100% of what you need online without the book, I just use the book for the physical checking off).


good luck



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