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I dropped a hint about this in another post, but I didn't have any takers, so I will be more blunt in a post. Every year our Pack does a short (3-5 minute) slide show for our crossing over Webelos on their time with the pack, from Tigers to the present. It shows their activities, how much they have grown up, and even some of their friends who may have dropped out along the way. In the past I have accompanied this with music, CSN's "Teach your Children." Great song, but I want to try something new.


Any ideas on a good song to bring tears to the whole audience? Hard to beat "Teach your Children," but I am open to ideas....

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I spent my lunch break looking over lyrics. I found some interesting ones:


Stand by Me (Temptations)

When I Grow Up to Be a Man (Beach Boys)

Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

Dreams Go By (Harry Chapin)

The Cape (Guy Clark)


After really looking at the lyrics, though, I think I will go with Forever Young. It is upbeat, and a very positive song.


Thanks for the suggestions. If anyone has any others, please let me know--I still have until tonight to finish it up....



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