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Love the old pictures! I would suggest a captions under the old and new pictures. Not with names of boys, but at least "what are these people doing". Might also want to consider not putting all pictures on one page, have it so you look at a few pictures and the click to go to the next page for more pictures on that subject.


Colors and fonts look great. Makes it easy to read and follow.


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Nice Site. Easy to move around & easy on the eyes.


A couple suggestions:

1) Make the table under Welcome to Troop 5 Online bigger to fit the font or make the font smaller to fit the cell.


2) On the picture pages, try making them thumbnails. If people want to see them, they can click the ones they want to see. It will also help the page to load faster.


Ed Mori


Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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