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Cub Scout Color/Honor Guard

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Could someone give me some help or point me in the right direction? Our Pack needs something "official" when it comes to the Flag ceremony, Pledge, etc. Is it customary for Packs to have Color Guards? Is it generally Webelos? Is there a standard pattern for the Flag/Pledge opening to a meeting?


I'm making this stuff up as I go. =)




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Take it serious, nothing worse than a flag ceremony with the boys laughing and goofing off.


Try not to make it too complicated.


Too many people try to make more of it than it needs to be.


A simple dignified ceremony with a few commands to let the boys know what's going on should be sufficient. Salute and pledge is about all one needs.



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when my son was in cubs we had a flag ceremony at every pack meeting. a den would either volunteer to do it or would be assigned it. we had a few that were done for sure by certain levels...


our cross over was seperate from blue and gold... so blue and gold being one of the "big" events our web II did the flags... cross over was another "big" event but since it was web II's big night we had the web I do the flags


the rest were assigned or leaders volunteered. we also had the first meeting for the new tigers run by the web II leader and boys... the leader would teach the boys about how to behave at pack meeting, teach them how to a flag ceremony, and then would lead in a game... the web II would help with it all rather than just participating - they'd show the way to carry the flags, where each flag would go, how to do the salute, etc... and then the tigers would take turns in being a part of a flag ceremony - basically they would have a 1/2 dozen flag ceremonies that night. During this time the tiger DL and the other parents got a chance to talk and get to know each other and get ideas of what they were going to do that year.

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Hi Adam Two


I think its safe to say that Pack Meetings should open with a flag ceremony and there should be a retiring of the colors at the end as well. Our Pack generally rotates the flag ceremony amongst the Dens.


Our ceremony is usually nothing complicated: The boys bring the U.S. and Pack flags in (U.S. flag ahead, never touching the ground), set them in the stands (the U.S. flag should be placed on what would be the facing audiences left), and form a line behind the flags while our Cubmaster leads in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Cub Scout Promise. The Color Guard does not participate in the Pledge or the Promise, they simply stand at attention (doesnt always work out as the boys are so used to reciting the Pledge and Promise they just do it automatically). Once those activities are over the Color Guard is dismissed and they file to their seats. Retiring the colors is even simpler: the Color Guard returns, take up the flags and, with the U.S. flag leading, troops the flags out of the room while everybody stands.


At our Blue and Gold my Tiger Den performed the Color Guard. Each flag required two Tigers. They did very well, no goofing around, and I was very proud of them. Again the ceremony itself was simple.


Occasionally you may want to include something related to the Pack Meeting or event theme. There are tons of ideas on the web for flag ceremony add-ons. Baloos Bugle is a great place to start. Ive gotten several ideas from that source. The link is http://usscouts.org/bbugle.asp. These add-ons require a little practice so if you assign a den to a specific pack meeting or event they can practice at their den meeting(s).






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We had an Honor Guard in the Cub Pack my son was in years ago. They had a former service man who had been in charge of these things in the service work with specifically chosen boys who even travelled and gave ceremonies to people like visiting dignitaries and such. They were always in demand. They were sharp, accurate, and serious. They wore the traditional white gloves and complete/correct uniform of the Cub Scouts in blue. The oldest boy my son's year was a whopping 9 years old.


It CAN be done, correctly and with the reverence it deserves. Don't do it by halves. Do it, teach it, reinforce it, then move out of the way and prepare to be amazed!


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Our pack rotates all pack meeting duties (set up, cleanup, flag ceremony, skits, etc.) between dens each month.


As was mentioned previously, do practice the ceremony and teach respect for the flag, Tigers on up. Keep it very simple so the kids can perform well. While there is certainly no expectation that they will do everything perfectly, I cringe every time I see the color guard cutting up or disrespecting the flag.

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