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Ideas for Summertime Pack Activities

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These are all good ideas and I hope they're helping others too. Thanks to everyone and keep them coming. Right now I'm thinking about this:


Mid June we have a sleepover at the Huntsville, AL Space and Rocket center. I'm working out the details with them now.


July 4th we have a pack picnic, games or something and watch fireworks.


Mid July is the District Day Camp, which I'm pushing.


The 4th of July thing might now work out, it may be too hard to find a park we can take over within good viewing distance of the fireworks.

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Especially for Webelos, don't forget to try to find local Troops to try to tag along with on one or two outings each.


A couple of nights(or more)in the woods with Troops helps them adjust when they eventually are out without Mom and/or Dad.


Even if you don't do an overnight, a day in camp will let the younger Scouts get to know some older Scouts and see the kinds of things they really do. And see if the boys can decide on a Troop before it's time to do Crossover.



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I love the Summer Games idea. Lots of great ideas here.


One thing I heard mentioned recently was to do two events per month to ensure that more boys could make the summertime award.


Those that do just one event a month, how do the numbers play out by the end of the 3 months?

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We did Cub Survivor once during summer. We had a trail set up and each den went out at intervals. They had to follow a trail map (and they went with an adult and Scout guide). At each station, they had to read the card, follow the directions, and there was an adult judge there to ensure they did the activity. Then, if they finished, they got a card with stickers on it....The most stickers competed in the final event. We had several groups get all the stickers. The final event was a "Quick Recall" like HiQ or an Academic Contest with all questions coming from Cub literature and their handbooks. Eventually, we had one winner and that winning group got to eat first. We made homemade ice cream that year, so they were excited to be first at that ice cream. I also seem to remember that some of the trail activites were "square knot tying", "lashing three staves together", "using your scout neckerchief in a first aid situation", adn stuff like that. The kids loved it and it gave them a chance to interact with the Boy Scouts as well.


It was overall one of the best summertime activities we'd ever done.

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