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Ideas for Summertime Pack Activities

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Ok guys I might be behind, but it's time to start planning those summertime pack activities. I know some of you have done some great things in the past and have excellent ideas for this coming summer let's hear them. I'm trying to decide on some things.


Last year we did a sleep over at the Chattanooga Aquarium, a trip to the Braves game and a night swim party at the local pool. My ideas for this summer are to stay a little closer to home and maybe cost less for the parents. I was thinking about these ideas:


1. An overnighter at the local zoo

2. A 4th of July Picnic with a suitable location to watch the big fireworks, cook out a little and have a raingutter regatta.

3. Maybe attend a local college baseball game and have an overnighter in the outfield.

4. The pool party right before school starts back is always a good idea.

5. A Huge bicycle rodeo where we not only do the rodeo, but the Fire Dept comes with their trucks and safety fire house, the Police Dept comes and registers bikes and does something, the bicycle shop sets up a little tent to sell stuff, the scout store comes and sells stuff. Make it a little safety fair type event.

6. A summer olympics type event. Instead of traditional summer olympic events we do things to earn belt loops.


I'd love to hear ideas on what you've done or plan to do. Also, how many events do you have and when do you start? I was thining 1 in May, 1 in June, 1 in July and 1 in August.




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Just a simple thought, but maybe it doesn't always need to be such a big event. What about a simple potluck outdoor picnic? Games for Cubs and siblings. Nature hike?


Also -- and I've heard this from some packs that don't have summer programs ("but it's so hard to coordinate summer schedules with everyone going on vacation") -- try not to get so hung up on finding a date where everyone can make it. Maybe 10 families will be around, rather than the whole group. It still might be a fun function for those that are around.

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So maybe those are too big. The 4th of July thing would be mostly a pot-luck thing, just with us at a good place to watch the fireworks. I thought that a rain gutter regatta might just be something fun.


I appreciate the suggestion of the simple hike and pot luck picnic too. That's an easy one. I also agree that not everyone will be able to make it - I'll just have to pick a date and run with it. But, that's also the reason I wanted to have more than just two. I'd like for boys to have the opportunity to attend enough events to earn the summertime pack award stuff.


Thanks for the reply.

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Last year we did the following

May - Luau (hawaiian dress, limbo, hula hoop contest and ate)

June - campout

July - cave trip

Aug - minor league baseball game


This year we have planned...

May - Bike Rodeo

June - campout

July - minor league baseball

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One of the activities our pack does is a hike in a local natural area followed by a watermelon seed spitting contest. The watermelon makes a nice refreshment after the hike, and everyone has a lot of fun seeing who can spit the seeds the farthest. We give out ribbons for the top three Scouts. There is also a contest for the adults, but only for bragging rights.


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Way back when when we were in cubs the almost favorite summertime pack event was the trip to the large county swimming pool where for a buck a head the boys got to swim from noon til sunset. Plenty of lifeguards and either pizza or grilled burgers and dogs for dinner made a whole day of it.

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Our pack hosts it's own "Summer Games" Each Monday evening (when it cooled down) was a different sport, ie soccer, softball, dodgeball, flag football, Ultimate frizbee, etc. A different parent or leader would spend 20-30 min going over the rules of the game, then the kids played for 45 min or so. Families were always welcome to play and friends as well. Neighboring packs were invited including the one for kids with disabilities. The Troop which shares the meeting location also would come out and join the cubs after they finished with their business. Everything was kept at a informal level. If some families were on vacation it didn't matter. We were there for those that were not. The highlight was always the giant water balloon fight at the end of Summer.


Usually each kid completed the requirements for the belt loop as well as earning the Summertime activities pin.

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We have discussed doing "big" events/trips, and have decided they are just to costly. The zoo, museum, battleship, overnights while fun, are pricey.


Some of the Pack activities we do are -


Kite fly

Bike hike

Fishing derby

Hay ride w/weenie roast

Reenactment (Revolutionary War, Voyaguer, etc)

River clean-ups

Pack camping

Rocket shoot


Day hike

Hockey game

Minor League baseball game

District Day Camp

Council Summer Camp



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What we've done:

Neighborhood history hike (a community event that we promoted to have scouts come participate)

National Trails Hike in Phila (earned nice medals although price now has doubled)- we try to do a diff one each year

Mini- golf night followed by popsicles

Water Rockets launch (as part of Popcorn kick-off)


Movie in the park night

Owl watching (park of communuity event).

We've tried to find evetns offered through local parks services. These are really good prgrams and very informative and fun for whole family.

We also have an annual SPring campout in June before school lets out and go fishing.

Also do a group sports night

This year I want to see who would like to do amusements park tickets- if you get a scout group you get a discount- some don't require you to go same time.

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A lot of great ideas here!


One thing weve done is have a Pack level Belt Loop University. Weve held it outdoors at a local park so we could include some of the sports, including fishing (there was water access). Tables were set up for things like chess.


Another good idea is a fishing derby. Weve done them a local spots in the past. This year Ive found a state park a little farther afield that has hiking trails, fishing and picnic areas so Im going to promote this as a full day combo summer event.


Weve also done ice cream socials both in doors and out. Chip in for the ice cream and toppings (or have the Pack pay if you can afford it) and let the kids make their own. Have some activities prepared for before and after the ice cream. This makes a great meet-and-greet recruiting venue as well.





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Our big event has become a Soap Box style derby like the Cub mobile vehicle in the Bear book. We hold it down town and the Mayor closes the road for it during the Homecoming celebration.


Check it out here, we have about 3 or four 1 hour meetings as dens to build a car from a few 2x4's and some left over wheels, and a car seat.


Each Den forms a race team and the fastest team time wins.

We get to cover the tools section of the Bear and Wolf book at the build meetings, and also some other electives for making things.

The boys do the paint and turn the wrenches.


Watch the video here....






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Packs Summer plans include:


A Pack camping Trip in June.

The local Pro Baseball team has a Scout night with free tickets (usually in June)


In both July in August we have community fairs with recruitment booths and we will be doing a picnic dinner at a couple of local parks.


We are also putting together a Chasing Waterfalls program.

As we have a lot of waterfalls in the area, any Cub that visits a certain number of waterfalls over the summer will receive a patch.

Both of the parks where the picnic dinners will be have short hiking trails to a waterfall so they fit right in.


We may also man the Scouting booth a few days at the NYS Fair right before Labor Day.

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