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Den flags

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As I'm looking towards the next scouting year, I have a question in regards to den flags.

I'm looking that far ahead because my son just finished his requirements for his Wolf Badge this weekend, and due to our current den size (15 currently, and we're doing our mid-winter membership drive now...), we will be splitting into 2 Bear dens after our crossing over in May.


No, really. I insist.


Before anyone says it, we have not split to this point because things are kept in line with the Leader and 2 Asst. The Committee and Cubmaster have discussed it, and have decided to leave it as status quo for now.

However, with the more complex requirements for Bear (and the activities I want to do extra with the boys), I will be offering to step into a Full Den Leader role for the Bear year and beyond.


Pack to my true point...


At the beginning of every meeting (Pack or Den), all the boys line up by rank for our opening ceremony and announcements.

a flag bearer from each rank 'posts' it's flag at the Cubmasters direction in designated spots in our special made flag holder.


Should EACH DEN have it's own flag, regardless of # of dens per rank, or is 1 per rank the norm?


Supplemental to that, when the boys choose their 'patrol symbol' in Webelos, is it a den thing, or a rank thig?


The Webelos 1's and 2's line up in 2 columns each and seem to have a plethera of leaders each. Don't know if that's due to their numbers or if they are seperate dens.

From my limited chances to look around (each rank meets in a different part of the Church), all the boys from those respective ranks seem to meet together.

I haven't delved far enough into the inner workings of the pack yet. Busy with my boys and if I seem too inquisitive/over anxious, I'll have that Cubmaster patch slapped on my arm before I know it.

Just curious how other Packs do it.

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In both cases, its a "den" thing. Webelos I is a separate den from Webelos II. Each den has its own flag, with the den number in the upper corner. Obviously, if a Webelos den chooses a name vs. a number, there will not be a number in the upper corner, though you could attach the den medallion.

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So, for example, if there are enough boys to stipulate 2 dens per rank, there should be 10 flage presented is what you're saying.


Just asking because the boys make their own flags each year. They can design and decorate any way they want.

Start with a 12x24 piece of felt and have at it.

No custom made 'official' nylon flags.


And I realize W1 and W2 are seperate.

My meaning was that both W1 and W2 line up in multiple columns.

I don't know if there are 2 W1 dens and 2 W2 dens or what.

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In my limited expereince with CS, 3 years as one, and three years as a DC, plus my years with supply each den has it's own flag, usually the standard blue flag from supply with an iron on number. Now I have seen a few custom flags at packs.


As for Webelos, each den decides on whether to keep the number, or get a name. If a number, then I'ld keep the same number abd get the webelos den flag, if they still make them. Then the CSs can keep the den number on the uniform. If they go with a name, then they need to make a custom flag, with the emblem on it. They can wear the patrol medallion if they do not wear the tricolors. Unfortunately they don't wear a patrol medallion with the tricolors as it would be covered by the tricolors.





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"Just asking because the boys make their own flags each year. They can design and decorate any way they want.

Start with a 12x24 piece of felt and have at it.

No custom made 'official' nylon flags."


Only den flags I'm familar with are the official ones, what you are describing sounds similar to a den doodle type of thing, though patrols in boy scouts do make their own patrol flags.

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We have a flag for each den. The boys make them each year. So if there are two Bear dens we would have each bear den make their own seperate flag. They have a seperate den number and they each have their own den yell. It helps promote pride in their group.

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Greetings from the Chicagoland area. We just had our Dens each create Den Flags this year. Thankfully, none of them simply bought the blue ones from the Scout Shop with the iron-on numbers. One of them had a hand-me-down satin flag from a Wolf Den of old...


With the exception of those Wolves, each one made their own (lots of felt, fake fur, etc...). While this year, each of the Den Flags was probably what the DL's envisioned (I know mine was for my Tigers), hopefully in the future, we move to unique flags created by the boys in future years.


Some of the Dens have Den Doodles that are incorporated to the flags (ex. a wood doodle that hangs off the flag pole below the Den Flag)


- Kyle


Kyle Baker

Pack 857 Tiger Den Leader

Sycamore District - Blackhawk Area Council

"I used to be an Eagle..." C-25-08


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Along these lines:


I'll be a new Tiger DL beginning at graduation at the end of May. Some of the current Den's have den doodles, but not den flags. With my reading / brainstorming, I'm thinking about the following:


- building a den doodle with built in supports for a den flag and American flag.


- letting the new Tigers make a den flag. I'm also considering a new den flag each year, and putting various patches on the flag, such as: monthly theme patches (when the theme is used), activity patches (i.e. Scouting for Food, Pinewood Derby, etc.) whenever at least 50% of the Den attends (of course, individual scouts would get their patch when they attend). Thoughts on this???

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Sounds good. Just a few thoughts -


Is the Pack going to pay for the flag patches?


Do you have an American flag available for your use, or will it have to be purchased by the Pack (or den)?


You don't want it to big or it will be difficult to transport.



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At our pack, we collect $1 per meeting as dues, which will cover some of the ongoing supplies. I may meet with the new parents to see if they want to throw in $5 - 10 or so to cover some of the initial start-up expenses (i.e. putting together a supplies / craft box), and possibly for the flags. May also ask parents to bring in some supplies from a list to stock the box.


Very likely I'll end up paying for the flags, patches, etc., which is ok. Good cause.

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