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OA Webelos Weekend Activities

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When will the event be held? What do you anticpate the the weather to be? What is the purpose of the event? Has a theme been determined? Where will it be held? What resources are available there?(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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Event will be held at the beginning of April


Anticipated weather - Cool at night, maybe rainy


Purpose - Weekend is used for skills that Webelos need and what they can expect when they move to boy scouts.


No known theme yet


What I am asking for is what skills/activities do you think the Webelos would like or we should do.


So far I have:


OA ceremony

Service Project

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Generally, at these types of events we have stations devoted to the various Webelos activity pins. For Outdoorsman you could do knots, tent pitching contest, fire starting, etc.


Similarly, build stations for Forester, Geologist, etc. Concentrate on the outdoor badges and Readyman. You may not be able to cover all the requirements for all the badges, but you'll give them good starts.


We've also done Scientist, Citizen (we played a variation on Jeopardy),

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Sometimes around here a lot of the Webelos 2 boys do thier crossing over ceremony at this event. They have been doing the crossing over that way our blue and golds don't take too long.


This is also for boys that are in their first year.


For the most part this event is for Webelos Scouts both 1st and 2nd year.


I hope that this answers all the questions about the reasoning behind the event.


Does anyone have suggestions for activities that can be done.

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Wouldn't it be nice to understand a process? You don't want a mish mash of events, you want a program, and a program has a purppose a goal, a theme. A reason for taking place.


It also seems that you have two distinct audiences who need different activities and information. On one hand you have fairly new Webolos, on the other hand you have Webelos that are about to (or should have alredy) crossed over into Boy Scouts.


So the organizers may want to consider two distint activity tracks. The newer Webelos can have activity centers based on Activity Pins as suggested by Infoscouter. I would recommend focusing on the outdoor pins, Geologist, Naturalist, Outdoorsman, and Forester. You might also add Showman and work with this group on a campfire show.


For the older Webelos have a track that includes skills they will need as they head into boy scouts: How to pack for a campout, fire building, Alternate fules stoves and lanterns, Tent pitching, Campsite set up. If you are at your summer camp then give them a tour and tell them about the activities they will get to do when tehy come to camp. Have a section where they learn about the OA, make fire starters.


By having separate tracks the Webelos who come back next year will have a different progran to look forward to. And Each get a program that is useful to them.


I am sorry if my questions caused you anxiety, but you need to consider that there is more to program planning then just spewing out activities. You need to ask and answer some questions first so that you have a foundation to focus your ideas on.


Things such as Who, What Where, Why, When are things you should know FIRST, so that the activities are applicable to the people, the places, the resources, the environment, etc..


Once you have the topics, then you need to think about how you want to present each one. You need a variety of presentation formats to hold the attention of this age group for a weekend. This is a good time to understand and employ EDGE, as well as other instructional styles.


BW(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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How about some fire making skills, and outdoor cooking skills topped off with a dutch oven cobbler. Let the boys do as much as possible under proper supervision. This was always a hit on Webelos overnighters I took my boys to. Easy to prepare receipes like cannonballs, bread on a stick, beanie weenies, etc are always fun for the boys. Have a great time.

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