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Anyone know the solution?

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Top left: piece 2 (rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise)


Top middle: piece 8 (rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise)


Top right: piece 5 (as is)


Middle left: piece 7 (rotated 90 degrees clockwise)


Middle right: piece 3 (rotated 90 degrees clockwise)


Below that one (bottom right): piece 1 (as is)


To the left/under that one: piece 6 (rotated 90 degrees clockwise)


To the left of that one: piece 4 (rotated 90 degrees clockwise)


Hope that makes sense!!


Can't resist puzzles...was a member of Mensa!


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Didn't know it off hand, but went on a 'net adventure and found it. Created by Sam Lloyd (http://www.dr-mikes-math-games-for-kids.com/chess-jigsaw-puzzle.html), and it took me awhile to find the answer. But I found it here (see right-hand page "Battle Royal"): http://www.mathpuzzle.com/loyd/cop350-351.html


Thanks for the challenge! I didn't solve it :(



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I thought that this would be a cool puzzle to use. I love games of the mind. When I saw the solution page, the first thought in my mind was 'swastika'. The solution does look like a backwards swastika. It may not have been intended that way, but I don't think I would want anything to do with that symbol.

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The "swastika" was a symbol used in Scouting long before Hitler. It is a Native American symbol of good luck and was used by B-P in the design for the "Thanks" badge. It was also used in the design of a coin produced by the Excelsior shoe Co, and was received when you bought a pair of Scout Shoes. These items turn up from time to time on eBAY.

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Actually the swastika is an ancient symbol found in many cultures throughout the ages. Most Native American nations stopped using it when Hitler corrupted the symbol for his evil purposes. The Navajo, went to far as to have a written prohibition against this symbol in their artwork, so if you a Navajo item with it, it is pre-WWII.

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