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A-Mazing-Games Discussion

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With the A-Mazing-Games theme coming up I thought we could start a discussion about games that we could play with our boys and things we could do with our time to follow the theme for the month.


I know that there is the program helps, but lets get creative. Talking board games, and things like that.


I was thinking about taking a checkers game for some gathering activities. Or maybe finding the different mazes for the boys to do. I have also found some of the other things on line.


So what board games would you recommend. What group games would recommend.


Let's help each other out.

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Sctdad I admit I haven't seen the program helps so I don't know if this fits or not.


But, it sounds like a great opportunity to do some low-level orienteering with the kids! Another fun twist (that can be done indoors) is to set up either places or people as "stations" and provide written or verbal clues to the first station (which can be different) for each group. Once they figure out the first station, they get the clue to the next one. You can make the clues easier for Tiger dens, harder for Webelos, etc.. In the spirit of mazes, the entry could be your meeting place and the exit could be somewhere else (or I suppose it could be your meeting place again, once everyone is off and running), perhaps with juice and cookies waiting (or cobbler...) if your pack does that.


If you're looking for other activities, you could set up a course and require the boys to navigate it blindfolded, with a partner to tell them when to turn, go back, stop, etc. Make it trickier if you want by requiring the boy and partner to communicate non-verbally (ex: provide a triangle or something and one ding means turn left, two means turn right, three means stop, etc.)


Board games....shutes and ladders is a maze game of sorts but it might be a bit "young" for some boys.



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A quick google search turned up all sorts of maze sites. Here are a couple that seem worth while.


This one has printable mazes on a wide variety of themes, could be fun for pre-meeting if you just want pencil and paper mazes.




This one is a bit more of a discussion than an exact "how to" but I like it anyway, especially the fact that these are SHORT mazes. You could probably replicate some of this fellow's mini logic mazes (esp. the "no left turns" maze) with relative ease in a pack meeting situation.




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I was looking around the 'net and found the UK scouts library (tons of good stuff!). Anyway, I tried out some tracking skills with my son (bear)(http://www.scoutbase.org.uk/library/hqdocs/facts/pdfs/fs170058.pdf) and laid a track for him to follow across our yard. He loved it when he got to the end and found a nice treat.


Could be fun to split into groups of four; one group to lay the trail, while the others follow. Then reverse roles. (Weather permitting of course). I'm pretty new to scouting (first year) so I was looking around for more tracking type things since there is no more "stalking" (gotten rid of in the 1950's I think). I DOn't know how well this can go with A-mazing games, but I thought this would be a fun game to try.

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