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Games for a Camp-In

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Flashlight tag is harder to play than it sounds. Not because of the idea (tag, but you tag with a light beam, not hand), but because it degenerates into merely running around, waving lights. This might not be bad for the CSs (wear'em out before bed?) but it's hard to have an actual game, I think.

Depending on numbers and room, (indoors? outdoors? in dark?)Cubs love 'steal the bacon': Do Not do this on asphalt. Dirt, grass, hard smooth floors okay...Traditional way: count off by twos, form two lines about ten yards or feet (depending) apart. Count off each line in order (1,2,3,4...) from opposite ends. Define the lines so the boys will get back to them (the lines will tend to creep forward toward each other). Leader throws the 'bacon' (hat, towel, old shirt) in the middle , then calls out a number. Those two boys dash out and attempt to 'steal' the 'bacon' and get it back to their line. Point for them. Throw the 'bacon' back in the middle and repeat with a different number. Vary the system by calling more than one number, or "even" or "odd".

**Variance::: "Lo-Fat Steal the Bacon" ::: Set things up as above, but don't count off the lines. Leader then calls out stuff to ID the Scouts. Scouts are "On their Honor" to respond honestly! "Anyone born in January". "Anyone wearing black shoes". "If you have a dad who wears glasses". "If your mom was a Girl Scout". "Anyone born in Virginia". "If you had oatmeal for breakfast". See what happens when you ask "anyone who likes raw oysters"!! Stretch things, but remember these are Cub Scouts!


Sitting 'round the campfire (indoor campfire? be clever..), sing songs, tell ghost stories, make skits. Divide the group into three parts (everyone makes chopping noises:: SSCHHRROP!!! as you divide). Lead this cheer: on your command, in turn, First group yells "DO", Second group yells "YOUR", Third group yells "BEST". Repeat, faster, faster. Then stop and 'wait for it' . Conduct the groups in YOUR order:: your, best, do,do,do, your, best, your, best doooooooo.....

Have fun...(This message has been edited by SSScout)

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Why? a camp-in?


You can do just about any game you'd do at a camp-out, I guess.


Steal the Bacon is good.


Capture the Flag - if you can get the Cubbies to concentrate


Paper Airplane contest - go for distance / etc...


On legged balance tag - You define a small area (20-30sq ft) on the floor... all scouts must get in the circle and hop on one foot (hold the other foot with their hand behind buttocks)... then they hop and try to push each other out of the circle or cause others to loose balance and put their other foot down... last one standing is winner.


If you have a soft surface (carpet) - the non-PC "Indian Leg Wrestle" is always a childhood favorite.


Any type of relay race - crab walk, crawl, etc...


Hope you have fun. Hope the reason for being indoors is due to time / location constraints, or weather, or urban area / etc.... They might be cubbies, but they need to get outdoors as much and as soon as possible. Keep the OUTING in scOUTING ! Good luck and have fun.



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Thanks for the responses. The reason for being indoors is because this would the first campout for many (most if not all) of the boys and it is also my first Pack Overnighter. I have no idea what the kids have for sleeping bags etc and hope to use this function to access the situation. The low temperature could be anywhere from 45 to -10 (Currently it's predicted to be a low of 35 but we had no way of knowing that when it was scheduled). Plus, it's not like we are doing this in a church basement. We will be staying at the local Boy Scout cabin. (no plumbing and a fireplace for heat). We will probably do our cooking outside and will play some games outside too.

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Ask the BALOO trained individual who is in charge of this outing to check thru the materials they received at BALOO training. There is an entire section on themed hikes and one on large group games.


BTW - What you are doing is not really a camp-in. It is a cabin camping overnighter.



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Roasting marshmallows and making smores and singing songs either inside over a log fire or outside if campfires are permitted- even more fun to cozy up on a cold night.

Some fun games- divide into teams and have sleeping bag relay- Give each team of 5 boys a rolled up sleeping bag, they have to one at a time unroll, then unzip bag , then take off shoes of a boy, then zip him in and get him a pillow. After this is done, they have to unzip him, help him out, put on his sneakers and tie them, zip up bag, roll and tie and place back on table- they do it tag team.

Another idea- put all sneakers from team tied together in a pile, each boy takes turns getting a sneaker untied- not his own, then puts on correct boy another boy ties it until all boys have snekers on and are seated. Each boy has to remain seated until it's his turn or they have to wait a minute to go keeps it less wild.

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