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Webelos Craftsman Activity Badge

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I have a question about the Webelos Craftsman Activity Badge Requirement 4.

'Make four useful items using materials other than wood that you and your Webelos den leader agree on, such as clay,plastic, leather, metal, paper, rubber, or rope. These should be challenging items and must involve several operations.'


I have some Ideas but I wanted to run it by some of the forum members.


#1 - I have some wallet kits. I got them from Oriental trading company. They are the type that you get from daycamp that you would have to just lace them together. Would this be too simple for this badge. Or could this count as one of the activities.


#2 - I have a contact that is going to help us with a little project possibly when we are at a campout next month. He uses 550 cord to make duck-call holders. Basically a lanyard style that makes a loop and at the base of it there is 4 loops to attach things. I was thinking it would be a good thing that they could attach things like compass's, whistles etc. This would require making the lanyard and the knots to have as the loops for hanging things from.


#3 - Last year we made some homemade clay. I was thinking about having the boys make the clay, form some style dishes, bake them dry at home, and them bring them in to paint and decorate them for the finish. I think this one well qualifies for the requirement.


Anyone have any advise on these projects, or suggestions on what they can do for other projects. Some help would be appreciated.

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#1- Just assembling the wallet kits wouldn't fulfill the requirement, IMO. Is there anything else you can do to them, like personalize/ customize with paint or faberic pen? And maybe fill them with slips of paper, and have the boys write down good deeds the've done/ 'coupons' for mom,dad to cash in/ positive words or sentances about the recipient, and give them as gift?


#2 sounds good if you are going to have them attatch things to it.


#3 sounds perfect!


I've seen leather crafts both at council and at the craft store, they would qualify. And start thinking Christmas- there are tons of gifts the kids can make in one den meeting that requires several steps!

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So for the walletr, would you say that they could paint the craftsman pin on the outside so that they remember what it was for and maybe the Webelos badge on the other. Then fill it with free chore coupons???





Anybody Got recomendations for a possible use of a can as another material.


Suggestions on what to make with the can, if you have them

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Check out the "How To Book".


Tin can lantern


Macrame plant holder


Fast drying clay coasters (coiled clay ropes), baking not needed


Homemade note paper


PVC marshmallow shooters


Necker slides - leather, rope, PVC, clay, etc, etc.


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Neckerchief slides are a fantastic idea for a number of reasons:


- They can be done in a short period of time

- They can be somewhat complex

- Many different materials could be used

- The boys get to show pride in their handiwork by wearing it to meetings and other activities

- I haven't met a Cub Scout yet who hasn't lost a slide (or many slides!)

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Thanks for the help jethro. THough I had tapped all the resources on the page.


Along with the slides, I think we are going to try to make napkin holders also. I found some ideas in the How To book and recipes for the clay.


Anyway thank to everyone who helped. and anyone that might help me with some crafts in the future.



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