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us heritage award

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The program is still around, but there are some issues with the people running. Other threads have complained that it taking months to get the medals and patches, even though they are cashing your checks.


BKale, from the forum has started the Youth Patriotism Award, baesd off of the Heritage Award, to pick up in place of it. Check under Open Forum for the Youth Patriotism Award for information. He has done a nice job and it went active on 9/11. Good Luck.


Eric Prather

Bicentennial Eagle

ASM Troop 915

Canal Fulton, Oh.

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these people at the heritage awards are the worse people to have to deal with in my life. No customer service to speak of and every time I call I get a machine telling me to email. I have sent numerous emails and registered letters that have gone un answered. I have contacted the chamber of commerce about the company. I have been told there has been a change in management but when I sent a letter to the manager it was returned after a month. I will say this. my check is un cashed from march.

You can email this guy below from the CoC but I don't know if he can really do much.

Art Haviland



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