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Webelos craftsmen projects

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I am looking for ideas for craftsman.

We would like to make simple wood boxes to use as cub scout keepsakes when the boys move up.

We are thinking shoe box or boot box size.

any plans would be welcome.


other crafts idea welcome too. I have the books so i know the basics but we are looking for new ideas.





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Check with the Cubs' school. See if there is a project that the boys could do, either individually together or as a team to benefit the school.

Bird houses and feeders in the courtyard.

Planter or bench out front.

Simple shelves outside the office.

Boxes for the boy's teachers.





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Our Webelos make PWD stands for the Pack.


Other projects can be -



Paper towel holder


Marshmellow shooter

Christmas ornament

Stomp rocket launcher

Flag stands

Peace pole


Ceremony props

Cookbook holder

Candle and candle holder




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For the non-wood projects, we did:



Leather luggage tags - stamp, stain, stitch

Wax candles - melt and mold

Vinyl records softened and shaped into bowls

Duct tape wallets - fast, easy, and fun

(Make-up project) Foamboard dice tower


Plans for those last 3 are available online. The dice tower is particularly cool, but takes more time - probably an at-home project, rather than a den meeting project.


For wood, we had the kids saw a yardstick into pieces and make a picture frame out of it. It's a good non-trivial project, since the kids have to design it themselves in terms of the lengths needed. Yardsticks are cheap and easily sawn. The other project was a reflective road sign, which I wouldn't recommend.


For the display, we did a rocket derby display - one coat hanger part, one piece of wood - drill a hole, bend hanger, and paint.


You could combine the display with one part of Forester - get some lengths of wood used for home construction and cut into fairly rectangular parts. The kids can assemble and ID 3 different pieces for Forester, then stack, stain, and glue them to make a PWD display for Craftsman.


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Our local Home Depot let us come in during den meeting-time and build one of thier wood kits. They also have Kids' clinics once per month, and Lowes has them 2x a month- all free!!

The Home Depot rep actually offered to bring the kits, ect. to a den meeting, but as we met in the library we opted to go there instead.


Craft stores are starting to stock leather kits... and sometimes they go on sale.


You could also have them help build some of the scenery for a school play, pretty intense project, but our boys thought it was really cool to have something they did up on stage in front of "a billion people', lol.

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