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What is your favorite level of Den Leader

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I like all levels. I like to see the boys grow and change.


However, as a 10+ year Tiger den leader, I guess you could say that Tiger is my favorite. I love to watch as the boys, and their parents, discover, and get hooked on, Scouting!



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Webelos. 9-10-11 year old kids are such fun. They're old enough that you can have great conversations about a range of topics and that they can do some more adventurous physical activities, but young enough that they still think adults can be cool, and they'll tell you anything they're thinking about.

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Webelos - no doubts.


Tiger was fun enough but a challenging year for new leaders, new parents, new boys, all learning together. Some of the Wolf and Bear requirements are a little too much like school to me.


Webelos is perfect - the required badges are engaging, and the other options are varied enough that there is something for everyone. It's fun to see the Webs become the big boys of the Pack. Guest badge counselors add variety. Den camping is great! Parents are working on stepping back. Introducing the idea of a patrol method while still being a den is exciting. Arrow of Light is in sight - and crossover is a milestone.


I'd be a Webelos leader again in a heartbeat!



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I liked Wolf, best, too. The boys were still young enough to think EVERYTHING was SO fun and yet they had a year of scouting experience under their belt. It's kind of like the 1st Christmas where a child is finally old enough to actually remember the previous Christmas.

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I would have to say Bear. In the Bear year, they are starting to hit their stride, can work togetehr, and understand the program. Tiger and Wolf, there's more staring off into space and having to have stuff explained more. WEBELOS, we're starting to get serious, and there's a lot of stuff to get through in two years to get them to Arrow of Light and across that bridge.

Yup, Bear is the most fun.

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For me:

(1) Webelos - They are gelling as a group and getting to the fun stuff.

(2) Tigers - They are so cute and easy to impress.

(3) Bears - Getting better

(4) Wolf - I always found it a tough year between the requirements, parents, and scheduling.


For Boy Scouts

(1) Newbies - I do enjoy working with them and parents in getting into the program.

(2) 1st Class - know enough to be dangerous but still really into program.

(3) Star - the bad ones are starting to drop out.

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Webelos. The activities are more fun and you have more flexibility in requirements.


Bear was second best.


Tigers was ok and I'd have more fun with it the second time around if I ever did it again. First time through I didn't know what the heck I was doing.


Wolf was the worst because you had to do the whole book. And who wants to do the food pyramid two years in a row.

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I'm a Tiger Cub Buff.



As a district membership chair, I've found that aiding packs to develope a quality Tiger Cub Program every year is a key to the continued health of packs and membership growth.


For that reason, I've adopted the goal of figuring out how to help packs develope that quality Tiger Cub program.


To that end, I've run Tiger Cub den programs myself twice, been the Tiger Twilight Daycamp Director three times and led the Tiger Cub Den Leader training several times.


My program continues to develope. This spring I expect it will include an emphasis on spring Tiger Cub recruiting by all packs in the district with a attractive recruiting events like stomp bottle rockets.


Newly recruited Tiger Cub families will be targeted to spend $20 for participation in a terrific Tiger Twilight Camp in July, and part of that program will include participation in the Tiger Cub Den Leader training for an adult in each family.


The Tiger Den Leader Training will take place a week or two before the Tiger Twilight Camp. This is the regular Tiger Cub Den Leader Training, which emphasizes how to plan and direct a quality Tiger Cub Den program.


That will be the "theory" of how to run a Tiger Cub program. Participation in the Tiger Twilight Camp will be a practical example of what a terrific Tiger Cub program should look like and feel like for adults and Scouts.


I notice a couple of people mentioned that their enjoyment of the Tiger program was impaired by not understanding the program. My plan is designed to answer that very common problem, and to have cadres of trained and experienced Tiger Cub Den Leaders ready to start the fall program with a bang!



There is more I'd consider doing to aid in these goals, such as having a district Tiger Cub hike and hot dog roast as an August or September Go-See-It and a Tiger Cub breakout at Roundtables once in a while. Again the aim would be to show people what a terrific Go-See-It looks like and feels like.(This message has been edited by seattlepioneer)

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But seriously, As I'm going through my second go round with Bearson, here are my impressions.


1. Webelos- There is a lot more flexibility with the program and you still get accomplished what you want, instead of fighting the clock trying to finish up by B/G. Yes, we've become one of those packs, and I'm trying to change that. (reminds me of the old joke, Have you ever tried to push a rope?) Also watching the boys maturity level rise from the end of 3rd grade to the end of 4th grade is phenomenal.


2. Tigers- The joy and excitement I see on those boys' faces could light up a dark room. It is truly genuine. They are also eager to learn and do everything. Also, the parents are more than happy to help out, because they don't know any better.


3A. Wolves- Personally, the Wolf year is good because you have to challenge yourself to come up with fresh ideas for den meetings to keep the boys engaged. At least there are enough arrow point electives to choose from and even create some competition.


3B. Bears- More of the same from wolves, but a few more options to work with. The hard part for me was keeping fresh ideas, that I didn't already use during the wolf year. I think the boys get complacent with the program halfway through the year. If they started as Tigers, they've already been camping 3-6 times, they've done the same things at Cuboree and Day Camp for 3 years. They're ready for new experiences and adventures. Leaders start getting that burnt around the edges look. If the boys are active in sports, those teams are starting to become competitive leagues instead of recreation leagues, and games and den/pack events start getting placed in different priorities on the calender. We had a few families who couldn't make our Fall campout because of play offs. Even had a couple of boys leave the campout for their playoff game, but they did come back for campfire.


My first time through as a Tiger leader was the hardest, just because I didn't know a thing about the Cub Scout program. CM saw that I was a Boy Scout and asked if I'd help out as the TDL, I said sure, he handed me the leaders guide and said here you go. It took me all year to finally get comfortable with running den meetings and planning events. I've promised myself, any new DL under my watch won't go through that again. My job is to help and support them in any way possible. They are not alone!!


I would probably say once both my boys are out of scouting and living their own lives, I will probably work my way back to a Pack to help out instead of being a professional district volunteer. Nothing against you fine folks, but I'm a boots on the ground type and will always be a 10 yr old at heart!

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