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Boy Talks at Schools

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This is my first year recruiting as the CC and I'm going to be going into the school next week with our CM to talk to the 1st - 4th grade boys about joining Cub Scouts. We are not permitted to talk to the boys in the classroom, but they will be brought into the gymnasium during lunch so we can give our pitch.


I'm not sure what to do to get the boys excited in the short amount we are going to have. Anyone have any advice for what we should do in 10-15 minutes? Keep in mind, we are cutting into the boys' lunch/recess time so we need to get our point across, get them excited and not take up their free time. I will be putting stickers on them and giving them flyers to take home to their parents announcing our participation in the school Open House the next night and our Round-up/Field Day/Cook Out that weekend.


Thanks in advance.

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Hands on stuff. Pinewood Derby cars, crafts your Cubs have made. Anything you can put in a boy's hands while you talk to him. I always liked having a "before" Pinewood Derby kit and ask the boys if they think they can make a race car out of this block of wood.


If you could set up a track and let the boys see the cars running, that would be great. But make sure they get to do it. No demonstrations from behind a barricade.


Sets of handbooks are good, too. That gives you the ability to show a boy specifically what he will be doing for his age.


Ask your DE for a copy of the recruiting DVD. If you can, have it running in the background. Don't rely on that for your main pitch, but just use it for your holding point if the boys start backing up.


When you talk to the boys, be sure to get down on a knee and talk to them eye-to-eye.

Active, active, active!

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The first thing that comes to my mind is Pinewood Derby cars. (This is kinda a brain storming idea so I didn't think it all the way through.) Maybe bring a piece of track and some old cars. In 8 years as CM, I have collected 5 or 6 unclaimed cars. You could also bring derby rockets or raingutter reagatta boats. How about a "Knot Board", Den Doodle, patch collection, hiking stick w/ medallions on it and a belt with sports and academic loops on it. (Ooooh, shiney things!!)


A snack you could provide is a no-cook s'more. Get the little paper mini cupcake holders, they're about the size of a quarter. You put a small square of graham cracker on the bottom, then a small dollop (sp?) of marshmellow cream and top it off with a piece of chocolate. You may want to check with your school first as many schools do not allow such homemade treats to be brought on campus. (I would ask permission in this case as I would like to be invited back again.)


Ask your son what gets him excited about being a Cub Scout.


You should cherish this invitation. Most of the schools in my area do not allow any off campus groups to recruit on campus. Gook Luck and have fun!!!

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Last year the fall campout was Patriot Games. A huge Council wide campout done every few years at Fort Knox. The DE talked up camping...the funs stuff that they would see and do there and the boys were really fired up. If you have anything similar coming up in your area, that works well.

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Pinewood Derby cars are great. Camping gear, camping gear, camping gear. Its the first question I get asked at school by the boys. Yes, they love PWD but many will not know about it ahead of time. We put a kit out (the blue boxed one that we got from the council not the paper boxed one you buy) with a couple of finished cars. We also had a scrape book with photos of the boys at the Scout Reservation pitching tents, marshmellows around the campfire, etc. Stuff that will visually engage them from across a loud and crowded room (you said in the gymnasium which is an echo chamber).


Good Luck.

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First-- my district has a group that is trained to specifically do this and they know all the ins and outs. Ask your district exec if there is a similar program.

Second- kids love songs and skits- pull a few kids out and give them parts- tell some jokes- show some magic tricks to break up your presentation. You don't have long so keep it simple.

If you can get ahold of video equipment to show your pack in action that goes a long way. In trainig we are taught to use all the senses.

engage them they only have attention spans of 2 mins(if that) so you need to keep moving-

have them repeat after you for certain things- do a cub socut cheer so they are chanting as they go away.

Give them something simple to take home. Maybe a tangram or instructions to make something.

Have fun.

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The Pack I serve as UC just had a very successful recruitment season:


1) The School District does not allow any boy talks or literature passes through official channels.


2) We were there on Back to School Night. We had Pinewood Derby cars (next year we'll have a mini-track too), the Council-produced "Cubs have FUN" dvd, several Scouters in uniform, and several Cubs in uniform. BOTTOM LINE: BOY MAGNETS!!!


3) Invited kids and families to an ice cream social/info meeting/signup.


4) Took info cards. Followed up at least twice with each prospect family.


5) OBTW, we also made sure we had info on a local GSUSA unit for young girls ... since the service unit professional for them didn't get the unit into the building.


6) I've encouraged CM and CC to develop long-term relationships with the Principal of the school ... offer the Pack up for Service Project opportunities.


7) Finally, this Pack is chartered by a church, so CM, CC, and DLs also went through Sunday School and hit the 8-11 year old boys, plus had an information table.


I give all the credit to the CC and the CM of this Pack. 16 boys signed up last Tuesday, with several re-contacts to pursue.


ETA: The day you go to that school, every swinging one of your existing Cubs should be in uniform!!! They'll tell the story of fun better than you ever can!(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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