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Maccabee Emblem Ceremony

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Does anyone know of a presenation ceremony for the Maccabee Religious Emblem? (Jewish Cub Scout religious award) I have been told there is no standard ceremony, however, someone must have presented one in the past and used some kind of format. We are trying to schedule something with our synagogue, but the Rabbi, and I, need some direction. Thanks in adavnce.

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Mazel Tov! I'm thrilled to hear that a Cub has earned his Maccabee!

I've seen an Aleph presented at our congregation about 5+ years ago & the rabbi did a short monologue on "Scouting & Judaism" that he put together.


I looked around & all the Natl. Jewish Committee on Scouting has to say is...

"It is recommended that the emblem presentation be made at a service at the synagogue, pack meeting, or another appropriate and timely event." Basically, bupkis.


The BSA has a sample "Ner Tamid" presentation at this link:



I hope that helps. With a bit more effort, my youngest may get his Aleph this year - so maybe I'll be in the same position as you are 6-9 months from now.



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