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Webelos I - New Leader HELP!

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I was wondering if anyone has a schedule of what they will be covering this year for Webelos I that I could also follow. Also, what would be a GREAT first meeting? One that will make the boys completely enthused. I was thinking of maybe doing the Geologist Badge? Any other great meeting ideas?

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Hi Stelly, welcome to the Forums.


Let's give you some resources:


Here's your role in the Grand Game: http://www.scouting.org/cubscouts/aboutcubscouts/thepack/webdl.aspx


Here's how your Assistant Den Leaders can help:



Do you have a Boy Scout serving as Den Chief? He can be a great helper, and it's a recruiting tool for the Troop when your Cubs move up:



Have you taken Cub Scout Fast Start and Youth Protection training yet? If not, they're easily available online at the MyScouting website:



Someone in your Council teaches New Leader Essentials, which is a common core package for all Scouters. In fact, here's a description of the Basic Training level:


Additionally, you'll need Webelos Den Leader specific training. Visit your council website or talk to your Cubmaster, Unit Commissioner, or DE for dates and places :)


If you're planning to take your youth on an overnight, you'll need Outdoor Leader for Webelos Scouts:



OK, on to program. Here are some ideas:


Program Ideas for Your First Month of Den Meetings:



Here are the program themes through the 08-09 program year:



Here are some program helps, including for the current month (August):



Finally, here is a chart of age-appropriate activities. WHITE means yes, any color means NO:



Please, please, take training when it's offered. It'll be fun, and it'll help you help the kids all the more.


Thank you for wanting to serve those kids. You do not know the rewards you'll get from it! :)

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For the first meeting, I plan on having a simple bird house for the boys to build, while my ADL's help them with that (counts toward craftsman badge) I can talk to parents.


The next few meetings I will be working on Citizen, then fitness, and then when it gets cold I will be working on the Engineer Badge. Also, barring any objections we will be working on God and Family so that we can have most of the boys done with their Webelos Badge by Christmas break. We will continue to move forward with the Craftsman Badge in January and then onto Forester and Naturalist. All year long during campouts and outings we will work on Outdoorsman and tie in LNT.


The specifics of what parts you can do, how many you can do in one meeting, that kind of thing you just have to work out. I also give a little bit of homework with some badges, no more than 2 requirements and check on them each week.

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I recommend that you get a copy of the Webelos Leader Guide (or HB or whatever its called). It lays out the entire Webelos program for you. Its formatted just like the Program Helps, but is tied to Webelos Activity Badges, rather than monthly themes.

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Has your Pack had its annual Program planning meeting yet? That will pencil in a lot of dates for your den.


Glad you're through OWL. Now is the time to start asking Troops about accompanying on campouts. The kids should get opportunity to see several different Packs in the next year to year and 9 months (depending on how your Pack bridges Cubs to Boy Scouting).


Now is the time for Scout Troops to get in gear with you and start marketing their program to your kids. Don't let them off the hook. There should be opportunity for them from Den Chiefs to service projects to camping and day hiking.


KISMIF, enjoy the journey... it need not be a race, love the youth! :)(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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Get a Den Chief, make connections with a troop, get trained. Then sit back and enjoy the boys. There's no need to panic. As a matter of fact, if one panics, the boys see that as blood in the water and they'll eat you alive. :^)


These next two years will be your best in scouting. Been there, done that!



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lol, Jblake. But you are absolutly right- don't show them fear, or you're a gonner.


We actually had a seperate parents' meeting to discuss all that important stuff with the 'rents, while a teenage sister hung out in the Burger King playland to keep an eye on the kids. you want to cover Den Dues, your expectations of the parents, what you need THEm to work on (read the parents' guide, work on the Faith part and Family Member).


Our first meeting included:

having the boys determine the rules, which we wrote down on posterboard (ie no hitting, not saying mean things, being quiet at 'signs up', ect).


We also worked on Fitness and Citizen, with some craft projects and posters. Sitting down activities, mostly, but it was a good start because the boys began the year knowing that sitting-time is for just that! We did Every Other meeting outside (Athlete, sportsman) for a few weeks to keep them hooked, too.


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I've had 2 sons go through Webelos and we followed monthly themes based on the activity pins. We just made sure to complete the required ones early in the scouting year so the boys got their Webelos rank in year 1 and the AOL in year 2.


We were also successful in getting parents to sign up to run the activites for the different themes. It gave me a break, gave the boys some different people to work with, and the parents gained some sense of ownership for the program.

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I have THREE rules. Yep, only three. The experts say no more than five, but I've reduced mine to THREE. They are:

Show the following:

Respect, Responsibility, Safety


That seems to cover it. I have the kids make a list of things that fall under each of the three and then when they misbehave, I ask which one they broke. That follows with what was the better choice, how to make ammends, etc. Works very well and takes little time.


My initial meetings always revolved around getting procedures established. Examples are:

1. How do you wish them to enter the meeting? (show, model, and practice)

2. How do you wish them to play once entering (free play usually gets out of hand)

3. Where should their books be placed for checking off requirements done?

4. Who should take dues and attendance?


Any number of things could fit here, but I usually had my boys do this:


Come into the room walking. Bring book and dues directly to Mr. XX at his table. Mr. XX will check your marked pages for activities you've completed and ask you about them to ensure they are correctly recorded. He will mark you present and paid. Then, you may go to the pre-opening activity (generally provided by my den chief). At precisely 6pm, the sign goes up, and boys will sit. All eyes on me. We begin with our youth leaders doing pledge and promise, and all that. They sit, then we discuss the activity of the evening. Let's say it was secret codes, we talk about them, do them, try to create them, whatever is on the agenda. Then, we close by forming a friendship circle from which they are dismissed to form a line at Mr. XX's table where they retrieve their books and wait for parents to come get them. I stand at the door ensuring none get out w/o a parent. Sometimes, we do this for two or three meetings till they really learn it. It's worth it to have a small activity and reinforce the procedure instead of doing it in the reverse. Believe me, they do this at school and expect it. Makes you life so much easier in the long run.

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