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Costs increasing

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I read this on a Yahoo group I'm on -- no one has answered but I'm curious as to the answer for the same reason she is... anyone heard anything?



Does anyone know if advancements (ranks, patches, belt loops, pins, etc)are going up in cost? I received a general notice from BSA on-line catalog that they will be increasing costs throughout their catalog beginning August 15th (which also happens to be the day that our national scout store will have the new uniforms in stock - coincidence?).


We were hoping to mail out our end-of-summer newsletter, fall flyers,

and pack fees reminder next week, but now I'm wondering if we are going to have to adjust our pack fees for increased costs for advancements?




We have a LOT Of "over achievers" (lol --that's totally tongue in cheek) and certainly don't want to lose money so if we need to increase our fees a little bit to cover the increased costs...I certainly want to know BEFORE printout our parent hand out.

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It appears the Supply Division haas already answered that question. If you recieved notice that prices would be increasing throughout the catalog then that is probably what is going to happen.


What those specific prices will be will likely not be known until the effective date


You could try contacting your local scout shop and ask if they have the new pricing yet.

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