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I'm not sure were to post my many questions! Anyway My son is a Webelo this year were so excited but his den leader from last year was a total bum he didnt do anything I ended up helping the boys earn their ranks(as there parents were to busy). Its time for training and the den leader keeps makings excuses as to why he cant attend training so I'm thinking of going myself so the den with have a trained adult....what do I HAVE to take to be considered as trained?

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New Leader Essentials & Webelos Leader Specific is all you need to be considered a trained Webelos Den Leader.


However I do agree you should take

- Outdoor Leadership Skills for Webelos Leaders

- Youth Protection (a most for anyone working with the boys)



Scott Robertson



Helping leaders one resource at a time....

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This was placed on our Council website last month. I assume that it is from National -


All registered Cub Scout leaders must now complete the

following four training courses to earn the Trained Leader emblem:

Fast Start Training for their position (online or instructorled)

Youth Protection Training (online or instructor-led)

Cub Scout Leader Specific Training (for their position,


New Leader Essentials (instructor-led)

See your district Training Chairman for more details.

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I just received my "Trained" patch in May. JM is correct, you must have:


Youth Protection

Fast Start

New Leaders Essentials

Cub Scout Leader Specific


to be "Trained". Having OWL (Oudoor Webelos Leader) training is great to have and will really help you out though. Webelos camping really steps it up and having OWL helps you be prepared to assist them in success.

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This parallels a thread on Scouting Urban Legends, but AFAIK, Webelos outdoor leader training (or whatever it's called) is not required to take a Webelos den camping. I don't think that any training at all is _required_ to take Webelos dens camping. I certainly wouldn't go without having taken Youth Protection, though (YPT might be required by your council).


Webelos outdoor leader training is probably nice to have, but if you wait for it to be offered in your council, your Webelos may have aged out by then.

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That would be an incorrect assumption.


Webelos Camping can be done with a troop or as a den.


In the case of Den camping the BSA says the activity should be lead by someone who has completed Webelos Leader Specific Training and the Webols Leader Outdoor Training.


BALOO is not required for Webelos Den Camping.




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Webelos leader outdoor is not required to be trained it is required for your webelos leader knot. Your BALOO is good as a webelos leader until the next time your district offers Webelos leader outdoor. Here that is in late fall so they will get it early we do it in conjunction with the IOLS course as the syllabus specifies so it is also a great team building exercise for the webelos leaders and boy scout leaders. If noone has baloo noone should be camping or holding any other outdoor events so every cub leader including committee members should go to baloo

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Thanks for the pointer to the OWL info.


From the page you reference, a leader "should" have OWL, but it doesn't say that he/she "must" have OWL for Webelos den camping. So, OWL not absolutely required according to the wording.


However, a Local Tour Permit may be required depending on location, distance, etc. Even in this case, though, the BALOO requirement on the Local Tour Permit application does not need to be satisfied since BALOO is for "pack" overnighters, not den overnighters.


So, neither BALOO nor OWL is absolutely mandated for Webelos den camping.


Do I understand the forms and requirements correctly?





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Let's say you are getting closer. BALOO has NOTHING to do with Webelos Den camping. BALOO is for Pack family camping ONLY.


Webelos Leader Outdoor Training is recommended for Webelos Den camping but not required. However, the local council can require it if they choose. In such a case they have a responsibility to offer the course frequently so that all Webelos leaders have the opportunity to attend.


I always had our Webelos leaders attend Webelos leader training and OWL during the second half of their Bear program year, so that when they began their Webelos leader tenure they would be ready to take the Den camping immediately.

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Thanks for the clarification...makes complete sense.


In my mind I had BALOO and OWL connected because our local training staff requires BALOO before you can sign up for OWL. So, if someone says that OWL is needed for Webelos den camping, then that would imply that the leader also had BALOO as well (at least in our Council).


Thanks again.

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