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I was working on the Sportsman Activity Badge with my group during our Cub Scout Day Camp and filled everything out they completed and sent it home. It wasn't until I was filling in my son's book at home that I realized, the earn 2 individual sports belt loops requirement did not have a listing for either BB's or Archery. I counted both of them at camp and have already sent the kids (some from other packs) home with the approved papers for the parents to record. I talked it over with my CM and he said to go ahead and count it, should I call the other packs and talk to their Webelos Leader or CM?


I don't really don't understand why they are not listed except for the fact they are shooting sports. I really don't want any of the other boys not to receive credit or for our credits to come into question.


Can the CM make that call?

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I really don't think my question is coming across very well. I realize that I went ahead and made a decision concerning my Pack, but is what I did a voilation of anything?


Is it okay for the DL and/or the CM to change or modify a requirement toward rank?

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Said in the most loving manner...I just want to be short and succinct this morning.


"Is it okay for the DL and/or the CM to change or modify a requirement toward rank?"


Short answer is no. Requirements may not be added nor taken away. (It's kind of curious that those two are not in there, just because it's only offered at council events doesn't mean it shouldn't count...sheesh, marbles is in there!)


Realistic answer is that it was an honest mistake. You could a) call everyone and explain it, I am sure that they would understand. Or b) let it go...odds are that most of them will qualify for two of those belt loops this year. My legalistic side would go with a, but that is me.

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Pack212Scouter: (Please note that I am simply trying to argue my case, so that if the requirement comes into question from one of the boys in another Pack I can reasonably defend myself and not have several boys that have to complete another 2 belt loops just to achieve that badge)


I am not adding a requirement nor am I taking away one, I am simply modifying an existing one to include something that we all know should be there. Here is exactly what the requirement states:


While you are a Webelos Scout, earn Cub Scouting Sports belt loops for two individual sports (badminton, bicycling, bowling, fishing, golf, gymnastics, marbles, physical fitness, ice skating, roller skating, snow ski and board sports, swimming, table tennis, or tennis).


I am simply taking that the paranthesized sports are examples not a guideline which I believe to be in reason. Consider this, my son last year earned his Ultimate Belt Loop, using the Sports and Academics Program Guide, he opted to play Frisby Golf which is an individual sport much like Golf. Yet, according to the guidelines it would be considered a "team sport", to be honest and count it as an individual sport would be modifying the requirement.


I am not a legalistic person so much as a logical one, and to me this seems logical. Do is not?

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I am pleased that you take this seriously to inquire about it. Part of our issue here is probably that BSA leaves SO much to interpretation, especially at the Cub Scout levels.


I understand what you are saying about seeing them as examples, and I tend to lean that way too. The only reason that I question that is because every sports belt loop is listed there except Archery and BB.


Also, you frisbee golf idea. It is kinda funny because last night I was just discussing disk golf not being there (my father-in-law is an avid disk golfer)


Disk golf is actually closer to regular golf than it is to ultimate which is a team sport and akin to football or soccer. I'm not sure how I feel about adjusting requirements like that, I considered it myself and decided against it. Once the program is varied from, you have to decide where to draw the line. Alterations have been made by BSA in the past. Skating was broken into ice and roller skating. Skiing was changed to ski and board sports.


Of course, after all that is said, even though they are preparing for Boy Scouts with solid merit badge requirements, the final decision is did they "do their best?" In your situation, I would lean towards the answer of yes (I'm a great fence sitter, aren't I?). They were told that they completed a requirement and to change it now would be akin to removing an award.

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The BB Gun belt loop and/or pin can only be awarded from the Rangemaster. I assume this is the same for archery. That is why these events are only done at council events run by a BSA certified rangemasters. They are seperate achievements from the other sports you listed.


It would be in everyones best interest to call all of the packs and tell them they won't qualify for the pin/beltloop unless you can get the OK from the Rangemaster present.

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The Rangemaster for both BB's and Archery do have to sign off on any BL's or pins, and they did so. This was a Council Cub Day Camp and after we worked through the week the Rangemaster for each discipline told the leaders to record that they had earned the BL. They have a listing of every boy that attended the camp and which days and activities he participated in case this ever comes into question the Rangemaster can check his sheets and verify.




After discussing things with you, I am going to let everything stand. The boys have earned the Sportsman Badge, and I have no question about that. They have embraced what the badge was intended to do and that is what matters.


Concerning disc golf, I am not attempting to nor did I adjust this requirement. I was simply making a point that when my son was a Bear and earned the Ultimate BL he did it through the disc golf part of Ultimate which is okay. I would not have done this to count as a team BL, we actually played ultimate as a patrol to earn that.


Here is what the Ultimate Belt Loop guidelines say:


1. Explain the rules of ultimate or disc golf to your

leader or adult partner.


2. Spend at least 30 minutes practicing ultimate or disc golf skills.


3. Participate in a game of ultimate or disc golf.


They may need to consider re-looking at these guidelines in the future.


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