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Thoughts on saving a pack.

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Not in any real order.

1/ It takes more than one or two people to save a Pack.

2/ While we all like to "Save the day". Truth is without real interest from the CO and or the community, it is doomed to fail.

3/ DE's are more lightly than volunteers to flog a dead horse.

4/Most times Membership Chairs and Commissioners will tell it as it is.

5/ Sometimes it's better to forget about what was and look at it as if you are starting a new unit.

6/ There are steps to starting a new unit. They work if you follow them (Most times.)

7/A big part of doing anything in Scouting is knowing how it is done and why it is done that way. To this end training really does help.

8/The Cub Scout Leader Book should be required reading for anyone saving or starting a new unit.

9/ There is a difference between saving a unit and providing "Life Support".

10/Before you take on trying to save a unit, it's worth finding out why it needs saving?


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I guess my thought is this... if only one person is doing the vast majority of the heavy lifting, then it's time to have a hard look at closing the shop.


On the adult side, Scouting is meant to be a team effort. Doing it alone is a recipe for emotional burnout. We all need some cheerleading and support!


We are not Baby Sitters of America. Scouting is shared work and reward.

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"How do you know when to pull the plug? "

A very hard call.

Of course there have been Packs that have been near death and have managed to come back.

However I would think when it becomes clear that the only way to get a charter renewed is by telling lies!! Is a very good sign.

Packs are divided into Dens. Each Den should have registered Den Leader. Cub Scouting activities are age specific, so having all the Pack Members meet at the same time, same place and do the same activities week in and week out really is not an option.

Tiger Cubs need an adult partner. Sad as it might be without this partner the Lad can't be Tiger Cub. All meetings require two deep leadership.

The Pack needs a Cubmaster along with about 3 committee members and at least five Cub Scouts.

Packs who don't have enough adults or enough Cub Scouts, will have a really hard time trying to provide any sort of a quality program and when this happens? Maybe this is when the plug should be pulled?



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