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Adult patches on the pocket flaps

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Welcome to the Forums, April-D; I'm gonna venture a guess and say those are probably OA Lodge Flaps, but the better suggestion would be: ask them!


I'm sure most would be very happy to tell you about them. I once asked an experienced Scouter about the arrowhead patch he had on his sleeve -- and I ended up in the Commissioner Service!

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you do know that April has been around here at the forums for a while right???


Anyway, I believe that you are refering to the OA flap. But there are some other things out there as flaps too, but they are generally limited to the OA.

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Yeah, I've been around for a little bit...


so OA -- Order of the Arrow -- that's a BS thing (ooh wait, those initials don't translate ideally)... that's a BOY SCOUT thing right?


I honestly don't really know what they are... any resources to look it up? I mean, I found on the internet http://www.longhorncouncil.org/oa/default.htm which is one near me... ?? but it still doesn't tell me WHAT it is. :)

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Maybe the National site will help you understand about Order of the Arrow -




It is considered a National Camping Honor Society. Members are elected by non-members. Boys and adults have to meet certain requirements. Adults are nominated, not elected. Their nominations are based on what help they can offer to the OA youth and program.


OA members promote camping, do service projects at BSA camps, staff Cub Camps, and more. If you have ever heard the term - "Cheerful Service" - that's OA.


The OA is the one part of BSA that is almost entirely youth run.

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