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Cub Scout Overnighters during summer

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I was talking with some of my district staff the other day and told him about some of the Cub Scouting programs that we did at the camp that I worked for when I was a young scout. We had Cub Scout weekends betwen Boy Scout camp Weeks. It was the same program for multiple weekends, but it made it more flexible for Packs as they had several choices as to when they would go.


I am looking for some information. What kind of programs would you suggest. There will be two time frames to do this stuff. Starting after Lunch till just before dinner on saturday night, and then Sunday after breakfast til lunch time


I know that I am going to get a lot of information on this. I am looking for that. Things like RULES, REGS, and common pit falls that people have run into.


So FIRE AWAY. Let me knwo what I can do for teh best Camping for the council.

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sctdad: is your council scheduled to send you to National Camp School yet?


You don't mention it in your post, but it sounds like you're going to be either the camp director or maybe program director? If so, you must be NCS certified. I've never been to NCS, so I can't tell you what kinds of program ideas or resources they have, but especially for program director, I assume that's a big part of the course.


Perhaps others who've been to NCS can chime in with better suggestions.


Good luck

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Your council does not have their Cub Summer Camps set up yet? It is rather late to start now.


As Fred stated, in order to put together and run a Council Resident Camp or Family Overnighter Camp, you MUST be National Camp School trained. There are very specific National standards which must be met.


It is NOT the same as putting together a Pack Overnighter.


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Yes everyone is right. I have not been to NCS yet. I have a lot of other training to get through. THis was just an idea that was brought up and some discussion was had.


As for when it will be held. THis is for next year. Maybe. All depends on how we do things. There are already several events that are scheduled for this summer. I just threw this idea out to one of my commissioners.


This is just a plan on paper right now, we will see how things go in the future with the actual set up.


That is why I am just looking for some ideas

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PM me, I will put you in touch with our Reservation Professional. Heart of America Council has had a very successful Bear Overnight Camp for several seasons. :) Part of our most recent facilities capital fund drive was to put in specific facilities in support of this camp at our Cub World. WOW is an understatement for our program.

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Some more comments:


We're a 300 series Council (big but not biggest).


Our Cub Overnight supports 250: 125 pair of Cubs and parents. Each of 4 campsites holds just over 30 tents or 60 folk. This year, we will run 13 sessions of this program across 7 weeks!


Each weekend, staff reports Thurs 6PM for their workweek, sets up. Sessions run Friday 8AM - Saturday 5PM, then Sunday/Monday.


8-10AM is arrive, check-in, and settle into campsites. Each site has a commish (resident) and a youth staff host.


10-1045 is the opening flag ceremony and group photo.


1045-1230 is lunch and necessary group orientations.


1230-515 is program areas:

Day 1:

Water Park (one of the facilities I mentioned above, specifically built for 8-9 year olds, max water depth 18")

Game/Activity 1 (We have an old castle, staff runs a game, helps Cubs make Trail Mix, and helps make concrete stepping stones).

Game/Activity 2 (We have a stockade, there staff helps make a tool box and the Cubs learn how rope is made)

BB Gun Range.

530-615 Supper

615-800 Unit activity time, water park is open, trading post is open, chaplain runs a program, ...

815-915 Campfire

10PM Lights out


Day 2

Wakeup 7AM, Flag Ceremony 730AM, breakfast thereafter.

Program areas begin at 830AM

Activity/Game 1 "The Lost Mine" and leather work

Activity/Game 2 "Indian Village"... game and other craft work.

Water Park (hey it's summer, and the kids cannot get enough of it)

Archery Range (we tried "action archery", but surveys called it a loser activity.

3 of 4 program hours to lunchtime

noon lunch

1 PM last program hour

2-4PM Belt Loops programs

4-5 Closing ceremony


HTH(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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A couple of other programs you might want to check out for ideas:


Pacific Skyline Council has Cub-Parent Weekends a couple of times a year. These are wildly successful (we went to almost every single one when our oldest was a cub -- now we've moved and boy do I miss 'em)


Last Fall's flyer has Jean Sato's contact info:



The theme this May is Cub Olympics:



Another program that I am becoming familiar with is the Grand Canyon Council's Cub Residence Camp at R-C:



Sounds like you are doing something more like the Cub-Parent weekend, though. At Pac-Sky also has Cub-On's, another Cub/Family/Pack camping -- the more traditional open pool/go for a hike/ do a craft sort of program.


I personally preferred the wide game approach of the Cub-Parent weekend, though to be honest, it is intensive on the staff development end. The wide game ties everything together into a theme, so although we usually had the same kind of activity stations, they were recast according to the theme. For example, we always had an outdoor cooking station, but what we cooked, and how it was "packaged" (the name, the site props etc) was matched to the theme. The cubs were encouraged to try all the activity stations by giving them a map on which to collect stamps; anyone presenting a filled map on the second day got a secret prize.

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