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Is this the role of the troop committee?

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Hi Dan, I think you will find that most posters use acronyms only to lessen typing time. I know my keyboard skills are limited and I often fall to acronyms once I have established the full name, Your right we train trainers not to use them when speaking and that is still a good idea.


Yes I am suggesting the staff made a common mistake. Nowhere does a BSA resource refer to Class A and Class B. There is a Field Uniform and an activity uniform this is stressed in the new Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training course. It is not done for reasons of wordsmithing. The purpose is to let everyone know that the uniform is set by the BSA not by a unit or individual. For instance a unit cannot say that the Activity uniform is jeans and a troop t-shirt. Theu can certainly wear that but it is not being in uniform, it is out of uniform. The activity uniform can be a troop hat, troop t-shirt, BSA camp shirt or BSA t-shirt or BSA red activity shirt, scout shorts or pants, scout belt scout socks.


The Field Uniform is the dress shirt, Scout belt, Scout pants or shorts and scout socks. You cannot set a local uniform code that changes that. The scout uniform is the public image of the BSA and is set and controlled by the BSA national executive committee.


There are appropriate times and activities to be out of uniform. There are appropriate times to be in uniform. But the uniforms and the uniform elements are set by National. Class B often becomes a hodge podge of official and unofficial uniform pieces. That sets a bad example for the scouts and diminishes the effect and purpose of the uniform.


Even Wood Badgers fall into old habits from time to time. Using terms like Class A and Class B is an example of that.


Hope this clarifies things,

Bob White

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After reading your message I wonder how many other common mistakes/old habits are being made at this Wood Badge course!


I do beleive that most posters also use acronyms when speaking, not just when posting. It took me 6 months of asking what is that to learn about 1/2 of them.


Cannot wait for the next class of common mistakes/old habits. :o


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