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Born to be wild: 15 outdoor activities for the family

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[Cub packs & dens may find some of the suggestions useful]


Born to be wild: 15 outdoor activities for the family





April 14, 2008




Even though it may not feel like it, spring is technically here.


But officials with the Polk County Health Department and Polk County Conservation are concerned that many kids will stay in front of the TV.


Check out 15 ideas to get the whole family outside:


1. Go on a treasure hunt

2. Look skyward

3. Hit the trail

4. Set up a bird feeder

5. Cast your line

6. Celebrate Earth Day

7. Take supper outside

8. Organize a cleanup

9. Help wildlife in [your] County

10. Plant it

11. Start a collection

12. Start a critter album

13. Check out a Park Pack

14. Let your children help you build a rain garden

15. Search for wildflowers or morel mushrooms


[excerpted; the full article contains a short discussion of each item]

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