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Looking for creative help

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Hi everyone,


I have the idea but am not sure of how to execute it.....


Our summer camp theme is knights of the roundtable. Each year the boys make a "totem" to hang from their tent. I am looking for help in making a cub scout "coat of arms" that I can add their picture to and laminate. Something that I could have general cub theme but add our pack number to. The closest idea so far is the state flag, maybe local town flag. We did something similar with wild west theme. I am getting some ideas as I type...lol


Thank you in advance,



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Hi Kim,

I like the idea of a coat of arms. Sounds like fun.


What if you had a box full of things for them to choose from... Scout sign, pinewood derby car, tent, pack number, animals of all kinds

and they get to pick 3 plus the photo to make their own one of a kind Coat of arms.

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I agree with wingnut. If the boys are supposed to be making the totem, then let THEM make it. Offer them perhaps one finished example of what they can do and then let THEM put their own together.


Doing it for them rather defeats the fun.


To add to wingnut's list of things to pick from -


Rank Award pictures

Animal tracks

Sports activitiy pictures

Star, sun, moon shapes

Music notes


Blank paper to draw something of their own that stands for them or their family.




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With so much scrapbooking stuff out there it seems like the hard part will be knowing where to "draw the line" for options.


I'm thinking that for a Day camp setting it might be good to have the shields precut and prepainted (time consideration), but this could also be a nice Den or Pack activity where the boys can paint their own quadrants before moving on to the pictures.


Hmmm, I feel an April Pack meeting funtime idea in the making.


I'm not the OP, but thanks again for the great suggestions - keep 'em coming.




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Greetings Pack468_Troop659!


Great idea, I may borrow that one as well!


The others are right, of course, that the boys should have a say into what goes on the coat-of-arms. Have a brainstorming session with them and Im sure some good ideas will come out.


In addition to the other great suggestions some other things you could suggest to the boys are:


You mentioned your state flag. How about something more local? Do you have a famous personage, building, or monument from/in your city or town? How about your Chartered Organization; does it have a notable building (maybe where you meet) or some other local icon attached to it? A picture or drawing of these local icons on the coat-of-arms may bring questions from other scouts outside of your area and give your boys a sense of pride in their community.


Has your pack won any special awards like the Centennial Quality Unit Award or maybe something specific to your District or Council? If so, showcase the Packs accomplishment!


Do you have a Pack yell, cheer or slogan? That could go on the coat-of-arms or on a ribbon around or attached to it, like the Order of the Garter.







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I would suggest looking for information on heraldry (think medieval coats of arms). We did this in a GS troop meeting with all ages. We explained the colors, shapes, animals etc and then let each child create their own coat of arms.



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If you make them half page (8.5 X 5.5) and added dome kind of clip they could wear them on their shirt pocket.


Don't forget cool names for the staff like Sir Pent, Sir Cull, Sir Viver and Sir Prize.

Not to mention the cook Sir loin.

The knights of the Brown table.

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