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Does your unit have by-laws

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Many consider by-laws unnecessary. I don't know about that.


My son's troop doesn't have a formal by-laws but it has some simple rules like "barring exceptional circumstances, permission slips must be turned in a month before the event."


Others are things like "if you don't show up for the prep sessions, you don't go on the hike." That one applies to adults and youth.



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I am with a Troop and we do have formal ByLaws, we even have the parent and scout sign an agreement form - saying the agree to follow the bylaws ...


now the reality is we have never enforced them and just use them as guidelines. The bylaws and some other info make up our parents guide. Over the last year we have deleted some 6-10 pages out of our parent guide.



Scott Robertson


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A month in advance that is amazing. Ours must be in the meeting before the trip. We often do not know for sure we have a camp booked for sure a month in advance a lot of parks here only accept reservations 30 days out no further this gives everyone a fair shot otherwise certain weekends would be booked years in advance. We have bylaws and the committee is currently revising them/

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"By-laws" is a misleading term for what you're seeking. By-laws govern the leadership, ownership and governance of a municipality or corporation. Since the BSA's corporate bylaws cover all of that for us, writing your own "by-lawss" is redundant.


However, unit policiies regarding operational issues are suggested by the Cub Scout leader book. You can see an example of our (dated) parent handbook by visiting



Scroll to the last two pages for our policies.

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Yes we have a set of by-laws. It sets out the following:


Requirements for leadership positions

How to fill an empty leader position

What the pack provides for each boy

What dues covers

The uniforming expectation

Behavior guidelines and diciplinary procedures


I found a lot online when I wrote them as one of my Woodbadge tickets. You can check out the docuemtn at our website,




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Great bylaws. This part rings true since we are dealing with a couple of leaders that fall under the following categories that you had listed in your bylaws.


3. Bad chemistry of the applicant with the pack. (One who cannot get along with others.)

4. Being a poor team player. (One who prevents others from being effective.)

5. Inability to serve in their position effectively.

6. Failure to complete leader training within one year of registration.



The Committee is currently working on a set of bylaws.


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