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A better Easter project

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Maybe this, "Spring" craft project. I went to a local greenhouse and bought a flat of flower plants (I forgot the variety, but I told the owner that I wanted a Cub Scout tolerant plant, so I guess it wasn't an Inpatient). Had my Wolves pot the plants. You could add a sign "Easter Bunny leave basket here." Playing with dirt, what fun. And if they transplant the plant outside have them add an earthworm with the plant. They love to see the worm burrow into the soil. You can dig for worms (also fun) or buy (trout) bait worms. A worm race might be warranted, as a slow worm will just end up being breakfast for the early bird.


Hope this helps, have fun.

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On that note, one year we did a similar thing with my Tigers. Bought a flat of annuals, some potting mix with fertilizer added, and terra cotta pots that were big enough to fit 2-3 plants. The Teams decorated the pots with permanent markers and potted their plants. They had a great time!


You could have them blow out raw eggs and decorate the shells for hanging on the trees outside. The egg blowing might be best done by the Tiger Partner with the innards saved in a ziplock bag.


You might also just plant bean or pea seeds in a clear plastic cup filled with wet paper towels.


Use those popsicle sticks to make a picture frame for a picture of their family in their Easter best.


Draw large blank ovals in Word. Print lots out. Glue to a piece of cardboard. Cut out oval and decorate it as a fancy egg. You can use markers, crayons, string, glitter, beads, etc. Hang from a string.



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I stand corrected........Spring project, The other leaders called it an easter project. I like the pot and seed thing and the egg roll. Thanks a ton. Fantastic ideas. So what sort of markers did you use to decorate the pots? Multicolored sharpies? or paint pens? Plus this will help with completing a tiger elective.

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If you are looking for something that takes a little work, for an easter project try this.


Get a couple of large baloons. 12" should do. Take a things of yarn and soak it in some sugar water. Make sure that there is a lot of sugar. Draw a line in the baloon (Marker will work best) the size that you could put a small stuffed animal in.


Start wrapping the sugar water soaked yarn around the inflated balloons. Maker sure that you have good coverage everywhere except where you have thte opening drawn. When you have this done. let it dry. It must be fully dry.


Now pop the baloon. If done right the baloon will pop and the yarn will keep the shape. Set it on a small wreath or easterbasket without a handle, insert stuffed animal. decoratet the inside, and give as a gift, meeting one of the elective points for the tigers.


Looks pretty cool and if you don't tell them no one will know how you did it. Not to mention it is CHEAP. COLORFUL YARN, SUGAR, WATER. and small easter gifts. great gift.

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We used multi colored permanent sharpies. Since the terra cotta is porus you can't use anything water based because it will eventually run.


Paint pens might work too, but I think you can get a bigger assortment of colors, at a much cheaper price with sharpies. You could also look into non-water based paint.


The picture frames work well too, and would also cover a Tiger elective. I usually cut out a cardboard back and a cardboard frame. The boys then decorate the frame portion with craft sticks, pine cones, stones, beads, sea shells, foam stickies, markers, etc. The fram part is then glued on the back with the top left open so they can slide in their photo.


Or, since it does not have to be Easter themed, how about making home made instruments and using them to accompany a sing-a-long? (another elective BTW)

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A few ideas:


Use empty eggshells as flower pots for quick-growing grass. Clean the eggshell, add potting soil, scatter grass seed, and sprinkle with water. When the grass grows, it looks like green hair on top of the egg. Use markers to decorate a "face" and you'll have a great Pack display in no time. (To make them stand-up, sit the "egg person" in a small bathroom-size paper cup.)


One year we made Easter baskets (actually we used white paper lunch bags) for veterans in the nearby VA hospital. The boys brought in Easter goodies plus we had some things donated. We decorated the bags with markers and stickers, put Easter grass in the bottom, and filled with candy and goodies. They were very well-received (of course, we cleared it first). Hospitals and nursing homes are often remembered at Christmastime, but they were so pleased to be remembered at Easter.


I have many times made "washcloth bunnies" with kids - just Google for instructions. No sewing, you just need a washcloth and rubber band. Add a small bar of soap for bath fun. We actually used those blue freezer things for a fun first aid item - we call them boo-boo bunnies!


You could make egg carton caterpillars. Use 6 sections of an egg carton (down the long side - you'll have 2 caterpillars per egg carton). Turn upside down, paint or use markers, add pipe cleaner legs and antennae, googly eyes, etc. Very cute.


Hope these help,



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