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Conservation project for Wolves

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Try your local State parks. They might have some ideas in things that you can do. You can find the most local by doing a search of the State parks. Or try with any local City or County Parks. We had an Eagle project done here improving a small city park (Really small city)


Hope this helps


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Some things to do -


Participate in a clean-up, weed pull, seed collection, etc, project at a local/State/Federal park.


Participate in a local river clean-up.


Start a can or paper recycle project in the school.


Clean up and plant flowers around your Charter Organization.


Take a hike and pick up litter as you go.


Have a litter pick up at your local park.

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This may be a little late for you but conservation is an ongoing thing and there are many awards the boys can earn by doing various projects besides rank requirements.

I did the LNT Awareness with my den because it works so well in combination with the Living World Achievement. We brought bins for recycling cans and bottle at our Pinewood Derby and made sure items were put in the correct bins.(we also have a concession stand to fundraise so there was lots of trash). An extra side was the cardboard products helped the Church with their recycling campaign. We also have a garden we maintain at the elementary school.( a HUGE prject in itself as it had been quite neglected in the past-- still trying to ge the rest of the pack involved in that one).

We are planning a "trash" hike in May at a local State Park. My husband wants the pack to do the "adopt a Highway" program but we're involved in so much anyway and I'm a little worried about safety so close to traffic on that one!

There are many options out there. Contact your Council, they may have requests or info for you.

Good for you!!!

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You can also contact your local government conservation organization. Ours has organized suitable projects for our pack to participate in for the last three years. We just did one last weekend, helping plant 1000 trees as a windbreak around a local cemetery. In past years, we have planted 1100 trees along a creek to help prevent erosion and have cleared brush around a lake. Each of these projects was well within the capabilities of even the youngest Wolf, and we've even had Tigers help out, even though they could not earn the WCA.


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