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International Blue and Gold Centerpiece

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Hi Michele,

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but we just had our B&G, and we used the BSA Chinese New Year Theme. We made luminaries for our canterpecies and they were beautiful. We took the large popsicle/tounge depressor sticks, and glued four of them into a frame, each luminarie had four frams ( a cube minus the top and bottom). We then painted the frames black, and when this was dry we toog glue, and made squiggle marks down the center of each stick, which we colored with gold glitter. Once that is all dry, you flip the frame over (to the back side) and glue a peice of wax paper to it. We had purchased plastic "gold" Chinese coins from Oriental Trading Company (very cheap) and glued these to a peice of red paper that was cut in a circle slightly larger than the coin. We used the fancy edge sissors to cut the circles. On the front side of the wax paper, in the center, we glued the coin. We then glued the 4 frames together to form the cube. We could not use any open flame, so we used the battery operated candles inside of them.

It may sound kind of difficult, but it really wasn't but it did take some time with all of the steps involved. We only made them in my Tiger den, the boys did the painting and the glitter, the other leader and I did all of the gluing at home, but when we left I saw boys from other dens taking our decorations home, and tossing theirs out. I'm sure you could use this same idea and change the colors and maybe the symbol on the circle to represent any country. We acctually had 6' banquet tables, so we also made Chinese dragons, and had them sit lengthways on the table. It went dragon, luminarie, dragon, luminarie, dragon.

Sorry if this was too much info, but it was beautiful.

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Your information was very informative and I believe will be very useful. I think I will use the lantern idea and just use a scout symbol. I think I am also going to try and find some small flag to use for the international theme. I do appreciate al of your input though.



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Plans for lanterns exactly as described, with the Scouting fleur-de-lis, can be found in last month's Baloo's Bugle:



My Wolf den just finished making some dragon table decorations in our den meeting last night based on the design found here:



I think they turned out pretty good, but I am curious to know more about pixiewife's dragons.


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You will love the lanterns!

I did originally see them on the Bugle, and forgot about that! One thing you can do is pick a different country for each den or rank, and change the colors for that country. Or, you could just do the fluer de lis, and that would look awesome too!You will use a lot of hot glue on this project to get them together.


I have Tigers, so we purchased from "Hands on Fun" an Oriental Trading Company subsidiary, these blank cut out dragons. They were about 4" tall, and 17" long, and they folded like a card. Our original plane was for the boys to each decorate them by coloring them, using glitter, feathers, shiny paper, whatever, but out meetings were cancelled due to weather, so the other leader and I just colored them ourselves using colorful patterns. They did look really nice though.

I hope yours come out nice!

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