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Star Wars Blue and Gold

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So here is the deal, we are having a star wars themed blue and gold! We have a couple of things planned like a little show on the big screen, the 501's storm trooper division is coming (yes Darth vadar and some storm troopers are coming http://www.501st.com/), a couple of star wars skits, a star wars themed cake silent auction, and a star wars themed menu. All the leaders are dressing up with jedi robes and the boys are allowed to dress up as there favorite jedi character. Any other Ideas?

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Sounds like a decent idea. With a little more emphasis on the GOOD guys vs the bad (maybe just Darth Vader and one storm trooper).


But at the Cub Scout ages, Have they even seen Star Wars?


If you do water powered, bottle rockets, or the balsa wood space derby during the Spring/Summer. You can issue them out during your Blue and Gold.


Jokingly, With the recent changes to the G2SS, maybe you can play a couple of rounds of Laser Tag. (Just joking)


But as Star Wars themed Blue and Gold, maybe you can place party gifts on the tables, you may be able to find the red or green something similar to the Inova Microlight. They are keying size, easily places on a lanyard, and really made for camping. They are good for digging thru a backpack, without lighting up the entire tent with a white flash light. As long as you don't shine it in your eyes (which is so tempting), the green or red light won't diminish your adjustment to night vision. Google'ing they are about 7-8 dollars, but you may be able to find them around 3-5 Dollars in a local K'Mart or Walmart.


Happy B&G Birthday and Have Fun!


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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Please note your cub scouts probably do not know what Star Wars is far easier to interest them in Ninja turtles , the anime characters, or a more general theme. Star Wars could easily be converted to Ninja show which they probably enjoy more. Remember how old star wars is.

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(((mechanical breathing sounds)))


Imperial Senate as CO?


Bobcat... Wolf... At-At... Bear... Wookielos?


" Akela... I am your... FATHER!"


" Pinewood Sand Crawler Races?


" Duty to THE FORCE and PLANET Awards?


" Is Belt Loop or no Belt Loop... Is No suspender"


Don't forget Jabba the Pizza (oops, wrong movie)

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I think most cubs know what Star Wars is, if only by those prequels which came out well into their lifetime.


Plus all the toy stores still sell characters from the old movies. My 5 year old know what a storm trooper is and who darth vader is, and even who he was before he was darth vader.(This message has been edited by beardad)

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Oh boy do CS EVER know what Star Wars are -- I have a 3 1/2 year old that LOVES it. We just went to a birthday party for a 5 year old and he lives and breathes it. My 4 year old nephew can tell you everyone's name. My 8 year old wolf is quite the Star Wars junkie as well. I think this sounds AWESOME! I want you to post some pictures of your B&G for me to see after it's done! This sounds way cool!!! There are SO many ways you can run with this... the sky is the limit!


May the force be with you! :)

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Dress the shorter Cubs as Jawas....they sometimes sound similar when they get wound up!


Will Princess Leia be presenting the Arrow of Light(sabers)?


Chewbacca in a Cub Scout leaders uniform would be a neat touch...and you only need the face mask and a pair of hairy gloves or sleeves.


Cubmaster= Obi Wan Akela..easy costume too...ratty brown balnket with a belt and sandals.


Luke Skywalker...get an older brother or a Boy Scout..add a karate outfit...there you are!

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This age is still into Star Wars. Well maybe not as much as we were at that age but they still like it. We have Webelos still playing with SW legos...my 7 year old Wolf and 9 yo daughter watch the movies any chance they get. I think you'd be suprised how much they know about it.

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Im sure the scouts are going to go crazy over Pack378s Star Wars B&G.


My six year old who will be a Tiger Cub this September eats, drinks, and sleeps Star Wars. His big Webelos II brother and his friends are also huge fans. They have all seen the movies again and again. I am often asked technical questions about things Star Wars that I have either long forgotten or come from the prequels.


I collected a little memorabilia from when the first three movies came out but in my humble opinion, for variety and quantity, what was available back then is nothing like what kids have available today. Even postage stamps! I feel deprived.


My kids and I have a running joke. As far as this old timer is concerned, episodes four, five, and six are one, two, and three. When my Webelos II son makes a reference to episode four, for example, I look confused for a moment and then counter with Oh, you mean episode one. Hes taken to calling them 1-A or something like that.


I have got the kids doing the old Saturday Night Live skit featuring the lounge lizard (forgot who played him) who sang in his loungey drawl Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars!.


May The Force be with you!

Let the Wookie Win!

And all that!






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Pack378 - Cool idea for a B&G, love to see pictures of it when you're finished.


My Wolf son was so ecstatic last week when he brought home his school library book - The Illustrated Star Wars Dictionary (with cut away drawings of R2-D2 and other cool things)! He has watched the original trilogy with me, knows the characters and has seen the first two episodes of the new trilogy and understands why I want him to wait a little while longer to see the final episode.


He gets Star Wars and really enjoys acting out Yoda's lightsaber antics.


May the Force be with you!



Assistant Cubmaster

Pack 13

Shenandoah Area Council

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If anyone thinks kids today don't know about Star Wars they must not go to the toy or video game sections. My boys (and youngest dgt) ages 10, 8, 5 respectively have loved Star Wars since they could walk. Of course Dad does too (and I like the movies). Two years ago when we went to Disney World, Dad made us all stand in line so he and the kids could have their pictures made with Darth Vadar.

A Star Wars themed Blue and Gold sounds AWESOME!



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