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Many of us forum members who have been here for a while are fine and dandy with seeing threads that we may have started or participated in take on a life of their own.

I for one don't care if we start talking about one topic and end up?? Lord knows where.

I do however think that when someone new to the forum asks a specific question that we do tend to cloud things when we change the subject.

I know all to often we might think that the question has been asked and answered and the change is not doing any harm.

In many cases it really doesn't do any harm.

But maybe it might be better for the person asking if we did just spin-off?

I don't think any of the moderators are going to move or change anything! - I know I'm not!!

It's just on my part a suggestion.



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To each his own I guess. I don't mind when the spin off is taking off ona different tangent. What I don't like is when a thread gets spun off on a very slight variation on a theme. I don't want to have to go 3 or 4 different places to read about the same subject when they could easily be discussed within one thread as a piece of a bigger picture. That's just me though.

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It seems for the most part that the threads that go off topic have usually answered the initial question in the first couple of posts. I will have to admit to occasionally going off topic myself. Sorry 'bout that folks. My mind does tend to meander.

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gwd-scouter wrote: "...My mind does tend to meander."This is not unlike what happens to many of our scouts, these days. Some people call that ADHD. Around here we call it ADOS (Attention Deficit....Oh! Shiney! [as the scout wanders off, following an ant or some other object which now has his complete attention]).

Sorry about that--what were we talking about? I seem to be on my owntangent. Maybe I shouldspin off?

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