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Smoking Leaders

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We'll oust someone if the get busted for DUI. We'll oust someone for using drugs. Why? The usual reason is that they've shown bad judgement and that may carry over to there work with the boys.


BUT we gladly accept a smoker who has shown equally bad judgement by continuing to use something that is not only addictive but has also been connected to a host of health problems. Why?



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. . . To keep myself physically strong, . . .


Take care of your body so that it will serve you well for an entire lifetime. That means eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly to build strength and endurance. it also means avoiding harmful drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and anything else that can harm your health.


How can you on one hand sneak a smoke behind the scout's backs and then pontificate the virtues of the scout oath in front of them?

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This dead horse has been dragged out and beaten a few times already. Here's one.




I agree, a leader with a cig hanging out of his/her mouth sets a bad example. That's why they are asked to partake out of view of the kids.


On my own time, I've been known to enjoy an adult beverage or three. Should I get the boot? At roundtable, I see a lot of Scouters with "Dunlap" disease. Does carrying an extra 200+ pounds set a good example for the youth? And being overweight can't be hidden from the boys. Let's kick them out as well.


Been divorced? Doesn't seem "loyal" to me. Kick them out.

Declared bankruptcy? Not "thrifty". Kick them out.

A bunch of junk in the back seat of your car? Not "clean". Kick them out.


We're just a bunch of adults, doing out best to give our kids a positive set of experiences. Two key members of our district's CS Roundtable crew smoke. We are happy to have their service. As a Boy Scout (25+ years ago), my last Scoutmaster was known to puff on a cigar now and again. I'm extremely grateful for his years of service, smoking or not.

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Me, I smoke too. I mostly smoke carp. Takes a really big sheet of paper and you have to suck real hard. Or you can eat 'em.;)

Not bad either.


Thanks Greg, for noting the dead horse. I was about to mention the same thing. It is an addiction. Everyone knows it. There's not much chance of changing behavior by continuing to beat the carcass. A better thing would to add about $10 per pack in tax. Greed might outweigh the craving.;)

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I admitted I smoke and offered what I do by leaving the area with Scouts as an acceptable alterantive to what scoutmom157's CM and DL are doing. I would hope that any Scout leader that smokes would kindly excuse themselves on a Scouting function and NOT smoke in front of the children, as it is required by policy. Didn't think that by sharing my experience I would become an immediate bullseye. You can't win for losing sometimes... doesn't matter that smoking is perfectly legal and that I don't do it in front of Scouts...


Hey, oh heck no - we're gonna slam 'em anyhow!


Then wham! - name-calling - all of a sudden I am deemed a hypocritical, physically weak SUCKER.....


OUCH oh dang someone get me a band-aid for my poor wittle hurt boo-boos and oh yeah a puffs plus with aloe, E and lanolin for my sensitive little nose and those crocodile tears coming down! :) As if....


Ya'll know the drill now.... *(JOHN 8:7)* Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...

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You missed the point entirely.

I did not CALL you a sucker, but said that you are a sucker (how else does a smoke work, but to stick it into your mouth and draw down on it to get the burning smoke into your body?) YOU are the one calling yourself a SUCKER. Like Greg Nelson said, "I dunno, but I read your post as a funny item addressed to a generic "you", not an insult to a specific person.", I did not mean just you, Joni, but to all smokers. It is a quote that I use for my scouts as well as to my Sunday School students. It gets the point across rather well, don't you think?


I myself like to have a beer once in a while, (something that is legal as well), but I don't bring any beer to a troop activity, nor do I go off and go to a bar and get some beer.


Joni, I am truely sorry that you are still addicted to tobacco and hope that one day you will overcome your addiction and stay off of the stuff. I know that it is something that is very diffucult to do, since nicotine addiction is one of the hardest addictions to overcome, but I am sure that you will be able to do it.


(it still amazes me that early man saw a burning stick in a campfire and said to himself, hmm, that looks like fun... I think that I'll stick that into my mouth and suck on it) ;)


Peace to all

(This message has been edited by ustbeeowl)

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Joni4TA, I think I understand your sensitivity to the message. That 'bumper sticker' kind of quip can be viewed by some as a cute way to get the message across. But those messages pay no attention to the personal effort and struggle that real people must use to overcome things in their lives.


As for me personally, I am glad that you take measures not to shorten the lives of those around you by removing the behavior both physically and as an example. I speak for myself, but possibly also for others, when I write that I hope you will someday be able to stop shortening YOUR life as well.

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I am really not that sensitive about it, I promise you guys. Peace, Love - all is good :) I was being a little facetious in my last post and trying to be a little humorous as well. I admit I was irritated at first but got over it. Maybe it's that old saying about "If the shoe fits..."


It's a cute analogy, the sucker thing. Not much different from when I had quit smoking for ohhhh.... maybe the 4th or 5th time in my life. I bought a black t-shirt that I wore quite frequently. It has an anti sign around a smoking cigarette. Underneath that graphic it simply says, "There's cooler ways to die"


I love that shirt, I am just not qualified to wear it since I began smoking again in August! :( No one can be more critical of me than I am to myself, believe me.


In regards to the OP though, that Cubmaster and DL ought to be thoroughly ashamed of their behavior. I could see if it was something they didn't know about - not smoking in front of Scouts. But it sounded like they knew all about the tobacco policy and still didn't give a flip through a rolling cheerio about following the rules. See, that's just wrong on all levels. I hope they reconsider their behavior!

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I think responsible adults placed in the position to influence our youth understand that smoking is habit forming, causes serious health problems, and leads to experimenting with other substances like marijuana.*


How can a responsible adult aware of these facts, seriously believe that smoking in front of the boys is a good idea? How does smoking in front of the boys keep the Scout Oath and Law?


To address the original post, I think it is clear. Scout leaders are not the average guy/gal on the street. They are an example to the boys and a huge influence - second only to their parents and religious organizations.


Let's be honest and call a spade, a spade. It is irresponsible for any Scout Leader to smoke cigarettes in front of the youth and they should be asked politely to smoke elsewhere.


*Source: http://addictionrecoverybasics.com/2007/10/24/remember-marijuana-is-a-gateway-drug-well-how-about-nicotine-the-smoking-gun/


Eagle Pete

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Back before it was a Wild and Scenic River, I'd run the Chattooga with some GA Tech guys and we'd eat dinner afterwards at the Dillard Motor Lodge in Clayton, GA. It wasn't too long after they had filmed "Deliverance" and Burt, etc. had stayed there. The cafeteria style serving line was famous.


Anyway, and there IS a connection, one of the ladies working there dipped snuff, the real kind that is as fine as talcum powder. She also seemed to constantly scowl. And as she served us, we would always note a dried ring of snuff juice that encircled her mouth. We referred to her as the 'Brown Frown'. Heh, heh, I often wondered what it was that made her food so good. ;)


But I can tell you, as far as I am concerned, and after kissing women who engaged in some alternatives, there are things worse than smoking cigarettes.

Have a nice day. :)

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I get it Packsaddle... probably because after living in Alabama, and seeing the old lady down the street wear a bib because of her snuff drool running down her chin and staining all her clothing, I have learned there truly ARE worse things in life than smoking a Pall Mall.


My husband (who was not my husband at the time), knew me when I lived in Alabama. He graduated from Augusta State in GA and then had the nerve to tell me a joke - "How do you tell a married couple in AL?" I said I have no idea. He said, "There's tobacco stains on both sides of the truck floor."


hardy har har. I have NEVER dipped snuff! :) lol

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