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Webelos/Boy Scout Camp Out

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Hi All,


Our Webelos II den participated with a local Troop in a joint camp out. It was a lot of fun and the Troop did a wonderful job. Thought I would post the details in case anyone else was looking for ideas.


The Boy Scouts camped out Friday night at a local camp and set up tents and equipment for the visiting Webelos.

The Webelos arrived Saturday morning. The Webelos and their parents could set up their own tent or use Troop provided tents. The troop also had sleeping pads and heavy weight sleeping bags as well. During the day on Saturday the boys did the following events:


Morning Activities:


Amoeba Tag

Obstacle Course - crawling under a series of ropes to retrieve items to create a stretcher with blankets and poles.

Compass work

Scavenger Hunt: using a compass they had to go into the woods and find the fixings for lunch.

Lunch: Roasted hot dogs with chili and cheese. Each scout cooked their own food.


Afternoon activities:


Tarp flip: 6 boys stand on a tarp and have to flip it upside down and fold it as many times as possible without anyone stepping off the tarp.


Tank Dodgeball: one partner is blindfolded. The other partner steers the tank and picks up tennis balls. They toss tennis balls underhand and try to hit the other tanks. Once you are hit 3 times you are out.


Hike - scouts had to search and rescue a lost scout in the woods. I don't think they managed to find him...


Dinner: Dutch oven Spaghetti with all the fixins. 3 flavors of dutch oven cobbler - Webelos got to help make the cobbler.


Evening Activities:

Flag retirement ceremony

Germany Spotlight: which seems to be like a form of flashlight tag.


Webelos I were able to stay until the evening activities were done. Webelos II were invited to spend the night.


The event concluded after breakfast Sunday morning... eggs in a bag and donuts...


Kids had a ball and are really looking forward to Boy Scouts. The focus was on having fun and getting to know the older scouts. The food was excellent, best I have ever had on a camp out.


Anyone have things that they have done/heard of that would be good to include in a joint camp out?

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The Troop wanted the Webelos I to participate during the day until after the campfire, but only Webelos II could camp.


The Troop wanted them to have something to look forward to when they become Webelos II's.


Let me tell you, when the wind starting blowing at 2 am. I was wishing I was a Webelos I leader... It got cold.

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Our Council recently held a Camporee where the troops invited Webelos. Everyone camped out for 2 nights.

Not to get off-topic here, but maybe Webelos Leaders could respond. At this recent Camporee, an Assistant Scoutmaster told me he was "having difficulty with some Webelos parents." Apparently they told this ASM that after their sons cross over, they "will not let their sons go camping with the Boy Scouts unless they (the parents)go." I told him, "great, let the parents camp and maybe you can get them to sign up as leaders." This ASM wants to try and discourage the parents from going OR make them sign up as leaders, before he lets the boys camp, which btw, he cannot do.

As as Webelos leader and/or parent, what might be your fear and apprehension with regards to the New Scouts who recently crossed over, camping with the Boy Scouts?


Thanks for any input.




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I highly recommend all Webelos dens to attend adventures with area Troops. I usually suggest you work mainly with one, but once in a while do something with another troop so that the Scouts can have choice to pick from ... not every troop is best for every scout or scout family ...


Also when I was a Webelos den leader I generally took my den on an adventure with the Troop I also worked with once a every 3 - 4 months ... this could be a campout or a day trip...


When the time came over 80% of the den went into one Troop and I happen to know a few of them are almost Eagle now ...



Sorry hope it doesn't sound like I am overly bragging ... Hope my wacky 2 cents is helpful...


Scott Robertson


Helping leaders one resource at a time ...


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