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Bobcat Requirements

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Requirement #1 states "Learn and say the Cub Scout Promise..."

Requirement #2 states "Say the Law of the Pack..."


Notice one is "Learn and say" and the other is "Say".


I interpret this to mean the scout must memorize the Cub Scout Promise but does not need to memorize the Law of the Pack.


Do you all agree with this?

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We have them memorize all of it. For most boys if they can remember the promise, the others should be fairly easy. Besides, without knowing "The Law of the Pack," how can they promise to obey it with a meaningful promise?(This message has been edited by Pack212Scouter)

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On principle, I agree. However, these are young boys, some as young as 7 years old. The requirement does not say ''memorize'' the promise. Let''s remember the Cub Scout Motto, "Do Your Best". My interpretation is as long as the Cub does their best to recite the Cub Scout Promise, and then (and this is even more important, IMO) can explain what it means to the best of their ability, in my book the boy has passed, even if they leave out a word or two.


It is much more important to me that they meet the first requirement, to "Learn" the Cub Scout Promise.


The actual wording in the books for the Bobcat Requirements to pass off the Law of the Pack is, "Say the Law of the Pack. Tell what it means." So, although neither says to ''memorize'', the boy should be able to explain what either means.


Eagle Pete

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Repeat them in the group at the opening and closing of Den Meetings and Pack Meetings.


Ask a more Senior Cub to lead the recitation. Make sure everyone has a turn.


Use parts of the CSP and the LotP as topics for "CM Minutes". (what does it mean to ''make a promise''? What kind of "Duty" can a young boy do?)


Remind them of the symbology of the CS Sign.


Play a game about it: write each separate word on a 3x5 card, mix''em up in a paper bag. At an opportune moment ("oh wait, John. I know you know the CSP, Let''s see if the adults have been listening..."), ask the adults in attendance to pick a word out of the bag, and without speaking, arrange themselves in the proper order and then say the CSP and/or LotP in order. The boys will love it.


Make ''em think, in spite of themselves.







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