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How to get leaders to get training?

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I have started over in the Cub Scout Pack where I live with my younger child. Everyone that was there when my older son has moved on (mostly to Boy Scouts). The new Cub Master that has taken over thinks she doesn''t have time to get trained. Excuses usually are work or something else. That said I''m afraid with this atitude that the other new leaders are going to follow suit. I''m hoping that the chaos goes away once we have a couple of meetings but I''m not so sure. This Cub Master thinks that she makes the decisions and everyone follow right behind her. Last night she was asked about committee meeting (which was cancelled at the last minute and left parents that came hanging)and she said that we''d have it next week MAYBE. Well, we''ve got events coming in Oct that NEED to be concreted and parents need to be informed. When asked about 1 event she told the person that they''d just go at the end of the month. When asked if that has been through committee she said no. That''s when she was told that it had to go through committee and she acted upset. Any thing you guys know that will help get this person trained? I am split between Scouts and Cubs these days.

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Where is the Committee Chair?

They are the person who should be setting the committee meeting time and dealing with training issues along with your COR/CO.


What can you do?


Cub Scout Fast Start, New Leaders Essentials and Youth Protection are all online and can be done in the CMs free time so you could send them the links.


You can also get these on a CD to give to the CM.

Your District Training Chair should be able to give you a copy.


CM wont go to Leader Specific training contact your UC or District Training Chair and see if they will come to you.


Where does your COR and CO stand on this?

They are the only ones who have any real power to get someone trained.

They can tell your CM to get training or step down.

If you choose to go this route be prepared to replace the CM.


But most likely this person will never get trained.

If they are not willing to take training there is very little you are going to be able to do to change this.


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Because you are not a registered leader with the Pack there is not a whole lot you can do.


You can try talking to your Committee Chair or the COR about your concerns for the Pack.


You also might consider talking to the Cubmaster on the fact parents are concerned about the disorganization and lack of timely communication.

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Why don''t you offer to take the "Pack Trainer" position on the Committee. Then it''s your job to see that everyone gets trained (you are the "facilitator"). As for new leaders who sign up, training should be an expectation upon approving the application. Put it to them as if "everybody has to do it, it''s not optional."

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Our professional jobs are good enough excuses to miss "Training". However, the botton line for this Cubmaster is her attitude about training. If she truly does not have time to take training, she can encourage the Den Leaders to take it. She can go later.


If your Cubmaster has an indifferent attitude about her volunteer responsibilities, then the leaders in cooperation with the CC and/or COR will need to find a replacement.


We have a really great Cubmaster that is active and energetic with our Pack, but he really and truly did not have time to go to Training. He really did have conflicts with his job (Firefighter schedules are not 9 to 5). However, he always encouraged others to go to Training and he would catch up as soon as possible. That said, he always makes time to go to University of Scouting and monthly Roundtables.





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