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Ideas for new scout to AOL in 6 months in a big Den.

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I searched back a year or so and haven't really found what I'm after.


I have three new cubs in my second year Webelos den - I already have twelve active on the roster. My Webelos from last year have earned all the activity badges they need for the AOL. I would like to get these new scouts to AOL this year, if they and their parents are committed to that goal. At the same time, I don't want to slow down the other boys as I get them ready for Boy Scouts.


Any ideas or strategies for this?



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You will have to have dedicated Scouts and parents to pull this off. My last year as WEBELOS Den Leader, I had three boys in this situation. I had them work on two badges each month, if they finished one or two early I assigned them more, we worked on the badges that they needed of course. The rest of the den had all completed their AOL by December, So they pichted in and helped the boys memorize all of the Boy Scout Stuff, great teaching moment for the more experienced boys. It is had work on all involved, you especially, as you are going to be running two programs at the same time.



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We did this too with a couple of boys. First, you need to find out from the boys whether or not they are interested in earning AoL. Keep in mind that they don't have to, and that they may have more fun just being cub scouts for however long without the pressure. We had one boy who elected to go this route and that was ok.


Supposing that the boys really want to earn AoL, they can do several items on their own. For example, the Fitness and Citizen pins can be done almost entirely at home. The parts that require den involvement (flag display #3, tell the den about good turn #8) are things that could be easily incorporated into a den meeting anyway, and offer great opportunities for all your boys to "refresh" their memories and help teach your new boys too.


They can do the faith requirement for Webelos on their own too.


The Readyman and Outdoorsman pins include some items that can be done at home, but some that require specific knowledge that a lot of parents don't have. You could re-do some of these in your upcoming den meetings (esp. if you have a webelos camp out or day hike coming up). Or, if you have some troops in the area, ask to spend a day or a weekend camping with them, with some of these specific items included. Most troops will be happy to oblige if they know in advance what you want/need.


You could also ask troop leaders if they might be willing to invite your new boys to a regular troop meeting where they have some older boy scouts teach a skill or two to those new boys.


As for the other activity pin requirements, here are some that are fairly easy to do on one's own: From the "Mental Skills group" Scholar, Artist, Traveler. From the "Technology group" handyman (and craftsman, if a parent has the appropriate tools). From the "Community group" Family Member. From the "Physical Skills group" Sportsman (if they are playing any team sports this fall especially) and Aquanaut (if they're already reasonably proficient swimmers and you have access to a pool in the area). Let them know what the requirements are, and ask them to pick which badges they want to work on.


The one area where the new boys will really need your help if they are to earn AoL is in making sure they have opportunities to visit troop meetings and boy scout-oriented outdoor activities, and to participate in a webelos camp out or day hike. These, they absolutely cannot do on their own. But I would think that you'd be doing these with your other 12 "experienced" webelos scouts anyway, so it shouldn't present too much of a problem.


Good luck, and have fun with it!



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When I took on the Webelos boys they were notified that during the course of the next year, each requirement would be "taught"/gone over twice. This was to insure that everyone had a second opportunity if they missed the first time.


I held den meetings every week and most of the boys attained AOL in 6 months, the others filtered in over the next 6 months of review. All were done by the end of the year. The problem I had with this was I did this during Webelos I. Then Webelos II became nothing but parent/boy campouts, road trips, day camps, hikes, bike hikes, etc. Nuttin' but FUN. The boys loved it and once the pressure was off to "accomplish" something we often times went back and redid a third time, some of the requirements just for fun, ie. readyman, outdoorsman, etc. We added the Tenderfoot requirements during that second year so that when the boys got to Boy Scouts, they went through Scout and Tenderfoot in the first 30 days.


The only pin that was done "on their own" was Family Life.


Were the boys bored having "done it all" as Webelos? Probably not, 4 of the 8 boys went on and earned Eagle. I figured I did OK if I did better than the national average.


One of the things that I noticed with the process I used, that even though they earned AOL, they still wanted to stay with the den and finish out the second year of fun, kind of a precurser to getting their Eagle and staying with the troop until they turned 18. AOL to these boys didn't mean graduation or the end of their cubbing experience. One doesn't see many Cubs running around for a whole year with an AOL patch on their shirt.



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I may be in your exact spot as well. I have 3 new scouts starting as Webelos II. One thought we had that hasn't already been covered; link up with your Webelos I den when appropriate.


Our Webelos I are covering some Fitness pin requirements and have invited my 3 new scouts to join them for the session.


Might help with meeting some of the pin requirements.

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You can't do the outdoors man too many times. Have the ones that have earned this requirement already begin sleeping in boy only tents.


The aquanatics badge is a formalized play date. Do that again no one will complain.


Citizenship, that a main pillar in scouting. Just do it a little different than you did it last time.


I can see a solid push on your part to re-do some of the requirements and your boys won't mind a bit. Of course the parents have to come up strong too. If they all don't make it, so what! You just out the polishing touch on your long term boys.








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