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Den w/o Leader....who do you expect to step up and what if no one does?

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll be taking them to our committee/leaders/CM and will post an update at a later date as to how the situaion played out.


Did want to say a few things....unfortuntely, the church that is our CO isn't at all involved in the Pack, or the Troop for that matter. I'm actually a member of that church and it's a huge issue with me, that has been taken to the pastor, that there is no involvement from the church w/ the scouts. In fact, one gets the impression that we are a down right annoyance to many in the church, for no valid reasons. It's almost embarrasssing, to me as a member of the church, as to how the scouts are treated. There's a very overwhelming feeling of not being welcome. It's something we've (CM and I) have talked to the pastor about and he in turn has brought to the church council. There has been no improvement since we brought this up around Christmas time. There's a wealth of info sitting in those pews each Sunday, but the church itself has quite an attitude of not wanting to be bothered by anything. It's a frustration for many of us.


As for the troop.......lordy, there's a story in itself. It has quite a bad reputation due to the SM rubbing everyone wrong. I hear that there is a lot of talk going on with the COR to try and see if he could be encouraged to step down, in order to try and repair the damage done. There's absolutely NO interaction between the Pack and Troop, which I understand has been the case for about 6 years now. Last year, to make sure our Webelos II finished up their arrow of light, it was like pulling teeth with the SM to set things, which he often just was a no-show on. We had a huge influx of new scouts last year (due to a new recruitement technique by the new guy at the council office) and called and talked with the SM about getting some of the boys from the Troop to temporarily help us out until we could get more leaders (we went from 25 kids to 54)and he, and the boys he promised, were a no show.


Anyway, just wanted to give that background. Thanks again for all of the ideas. Hopefully we'll have this position filled by someone who really wants to mentor the boys soon.

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My advice: Start looking around for other troops. I understand that your church is the CO for both your pack and the troop you describe. But really, if things aren't going to improve quickly (and 6 years is not an acceptable time span) then you do yourself and the boys in your pack no favors by persisting without looking for alternatives. Nearly every place has at least a couple of troops within driving distance, often within the same town. Find out what other troops are near you and start making arrangements to get to know them. Neither you, nor your pack, nor the families of boys in the pack, are obligated to join a specific troop, no matter whether they have the same CO or not. Time to branch out!

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I agree with Lisa!


At the same time, I believe it's meet, right and proper to visit with the Pastor and COR. Let them know you're going to be shopping the Webelos elsewhere. Let them know why.


On the issues of how the parish and the units work (or don't), Lisa also had some good advice several months ago, in other threads. SERVICE to the church is the name of the game:


- Help the Properties people with various projects.

- Help the Social Services people with Scouting For Food (or Scouting for Coats... or ...)

- Help the Worship people with Boy Scout ushers, especially at Scout Sunday!


Beyond that, the best thing for you and the Troop is for the Committee Chairs, plus the COR, to visit with the Church Council, and ask, forthrightly, what issues need to be worked. Feedback is a gift ... but feedback comes from listening, and both people in a conversation have to open up, and then listen.


I do hope you recruit that last DL for your Pack!!! :)(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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