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Daycamp ideas

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Hello fellow scouters....I'm looking for any good craft/game ideas for our Cub Scout Daycamp...our theme is Scouting, Back to the Future! So, if anyone could pass any words of wisdom, I'd appreciate it!



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Contact Council and see if they have a Leave No Trace instructor. If yes, contact him/her. Have them check the LNT-L site (which they should have access to) and check out this weeks discussion on the MAZE GAME.

You set up a Maze using 36 inch black plastic making pathways (no dead ends). The Maze will have forks in it. At each fork, there will be a LNT situation with two options. You have to make a decision which way to go. Each way will show you what impact your choice made on the environment. With Cub, you can have pictures showing what to do, and what happens. One idea in reference to staying on and not straying off of paths would be to narrow the Maze, have 2 or 3 Kiddie Pools back to back. The Cubs will have no choice but to walk through the water. HEY, THEY'RE BOYS. THEY LOVE GETTING WET. Plus it will probably be warm out. Just Make sure that this is mentioned in the home-going information packet so the parents understand that their little ones will be getting wet. This can teach them how the area was before, and what might happen in the future.


Another idea we used the last two years:

I have a friend that is Native and does cultural awareness outreach education for who ever is interested. She teaches Native games, songs and skills for her time slot. At lunch time she tells Native stories. She dresses in tribal regalia. The cubs lover her.

Maybe someone on Council, at your local Historical Society or nearby University may no of someone who can help you with this idea.


Also see if your local county or state park system has a wildlife rehab. facility. They usually have permanent residents that they use as program animals. Some you can pet and hold. Some you can't. The parks are usually more then glad to come. This can be incorporated into the LNT principle of Respecting Wildlife.

I hope this helps.

Eric(This message has been edited by ASM915)

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An idea I've been playing with for a while is "Holidays"

My idea was to see how different countries celebrated certain holidays or had holidays that maybe we don't have?

Christmas in Japan?

Easter in Russia?

You could as you travel back in time "Land" at where ever at what ever time?

Even without leaving the good old USA, go back and visit a Cub Scout Christmas in 1930 (or when ever?) Having a holiday at Day Camp seems like a nice idea to me and it shouldn't be hard to pull off. If you leave the USA contact Travel Agents and National Tourist boards for posters and the like, cook up some traditional food from where ever. Look back to how people spent their time 1930? What do we have today that wasn't around then?

Just an idea!!

Good Luck.


(For the 100 Year celebration why not land at Brownsea Island?)

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The single biggest hit at our CSDC?


I contacted the State Police and arranged for their Medivac helicopter ("Trooper Eight")to land, on cue, as all the boys are sitted around "Akela Heliport". Blew tents, tarps, hats, Denwalkers shirts all over. The pilot and his EMT spoke about the aircraft, the equipment, their missions, the schooling they needed for almost an hour. The boys got to meet some real live local heroes.

And when they took off, 300 MPH downwash wind from the rotors made everyone smile and hold on to their hats again!


Make sure you have a large enough area. Call the State Police Aviation Section (or what ever their local title) early enough, and ask their advice.. Paint a "Heliport" symbol (big 'H' in a triangle) on the ground and enclose it with safety tape on posts.

Keep the State Police Air Dispatcher phone number on your cell phone for the day, just in case.


Bet your woggle we'll do it again this year!


"Ask and they will come"

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