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Question about a Tiger Cub requirement?

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Hi again everyone. The requirement for Tiger Cubs (a Go See It), I am having difficulty with. I am having a hard time getting the requirement to visit a news station (the weather cast) so that this requirement can get signed off. The only times available are when the kids are still in school. If this is a requirement for the boys to get toward their Tiger Cub Badge, how can I do this? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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The requirement is not really to visit a news station, it is to discover how people communicate with others. You can do that in a number of different ways.


Check with local colleges & high schools to see if any have a campus radio station. They will also both have newspapers. Their calendars are usually different from those of grammer schools and your Tigers might have a day off when the high schools (& especially the colleges) are still in class. You might be able to get a nice tour.


Do you have any local museums on communication? Maybe a science museum? You could use a visit to those also.


Local printing shops also do a nice job. I understand Kinko's does a great tour.


I have used the Dear Abby site to have each Tiger family send e-mail messages to soldiers in all branches of the Service.


Last, in a pinch, I have also used our 911 center at our local police station. They do a nice job of demonstrating how 911, & the reverse 911 feature, works.



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The requirement is to visit a television station, radio station, or newspaper office and find out how people there communicate with others. I don't remember anything that says it has to include a weather forecast.


Talk to last year's Tiger den leader and find out what they did to satisfy the requirement. Maybe he or she has a contact you can use.


Be sure to look into every possible location. Don't forget the public TV (PBS) and radio stations and the smaller newspapers. For example, here in Spokane we have a daily newspaper but there is also a free weekly paper and a bi-weekly business journal. Checking out the high schools and colleges is also a good idea.


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My son is a Tiger this year and they went to our local Cable station for a live sports broadcast show. They had a blast and did very well. They even ended up on TV. Before the program started they talked with the kids and explained how things work. They taped them a little while this was going on. Then they had to be super quite and the show began. At the end of the show they announced that they had 2 differnet local Cub Scouts there and the boys could yell and clap! They loved it. While the credit ran at the end of the program they showed some of the tape from earlier. So they got there few seconds of fame!!! They loved it!! So be sure to check around.

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We went to a local radio station for our Go See It. It took several tries to find one that worked into our available times. Fortunately one of my Tiger parents knew the program manager and arranged the tour.


The boys really enjoyed it as the broadcasting company actually has 3 stations in one building - an oldies FM station, an easy listening FM station and an AM sports/talk station. Each booth was manned - Delilah was on the easy listening station, so the program manager was able to spend a good hour with us. We got to see the sports station engineer coordinate a live HS basketball broadcast and the oldies station DJ showed us how they now "spin" digital tracks via computer instead of having to dive into the discs to find the right request.


The program manager really made the boys night by recording each one of them and then selecting a couple to make a station promo with. We'll use that at our cross-over in May, plus he offered to have us come back after we practice a PSA for the pack and put it on the air.


At the end of the tour, each boy got a ticket and was able to come up to the station manager's desk and pick a different prize to go with the logo giveaways that everyone got. My son got a huge coffee mug (now approrpiated by my wife) and my daughter has a very nice extra large WEPM t-shirt for camping and sleeping.


I also found contact information for the local newspaper and nearby TV station that I will pass along to next year's TDL. There is a nearby college with a radio station as well, so don't overlook those.


Hope this helps.



Tiger Den Leader

Pack 13

Potomac District

Shenandoah Area Council

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All the good ideas.


I bet someone you know knows someone who has a brother in law whose cousin is a Ham radio operator. See if your Cubs can visit their operation. Look up REACT, both in the phone book and ask the local fire and rescue folks, they will know. REACT folks do disaster communication and often can come and set up at your location to demo international communications! Talk to a Ham in Peru or England! How cool would that be!

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Last year when my boys were Tigers, I called up our high school radio station to see if the den could visit. They told us the best time & day, which was around 7pm during the week. We went & the boys had a blast! They even got to record their voices & then the manager altered the boys voices to sound funny! Try your local high school! Good luck!

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I have a Tiger Den and we went to a print & graphic company for this achievement. Just because it suggests a newspaper office or TV station doesn't mean it has to be - the magic is having fun exploring all the possibilities!


We got to see how they designed flyers on computers, they took us in the back and showed us all the different types of printing presses and machines that were used, showed us kinds of paper and ink used, and even demonstrated from start to finish of a cub scout bumper sticker! They sent us home with notepads, pens, calenders, and our bumper sticker with our den # on it!


Try calling a big office supply company - Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, or Kinko's. See if they can do a tour of their printing dept for the boys.


Have fun!

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