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Help! -- Camp Availability

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Camp wanted for marching band arrive Friday, August 23 (afternoon / evening ) depart Sunday afternoon (8/25.) Must be within 2 hrs of Wilmington, Delaware (Southeastern, PA)


Must have level parade field (30X60 yds.) Separate sleeping facilities for 50 guys & 30 girls (+/-). Pool or waterfront swimming and recreational activities a plus. Would like food service available but parents are willing to attend & do the cooking.



My son is active in a high school band that was bumped from their regular slot at an area camp d/ to late reservation (us) & early fall construction (the camp).


Any or all ideas welcome!

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I don't know if you are looking for Scout camps or just any camp, so here is info on both. With the Scout camps listed, if they are too far maybe they, the council, can help you with something closer.


Scout camps go to: www.scoutcamp.org/database/index.html, click on PA, the two close to where you want are, Green Lane, PA & Ft. Washington, PA. They have websites of their own.


Non Scout camps go to: http://camping.about.com/bla2zndx.htm


This web site, www.about.com, is a very good site, type what you want in the search and find just about anything.


For any Scouters out there I have found birdhouse plans, bat house plans, a whole lot of nature info, camping info and much, much more.

Hope this helps and good luck, my son was in a marching band too :-)

little dove

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Thanks so much for the lead. I've spent the last two weeks gearing up for scout camp and haven't heard anything about band camp since the first of June. They had a blast last year; they worked realy hard all week and even harder over the weekend. The only thing missing from the team building of the weekend was the bonding of a COPE (style)course. (I know that is just too much to dream for w/ camp staffs making the switch from Summer to Fall.

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