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parents say the darndest things...

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A parent once complained to the DE "Mr. Gonzo1 makes my son set up his tent in the dark."


I told the parent that their son could use a flashlight if he had one.


Had another parent ask me "Do you still go camping if it's going to rain?"


I said "of course"


She asked again "Even if it's a 100% chance of rain?"


I asked her if her son packed his poncho and said "yes" Amazing.



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With my Tigers, I didn't "tell" them that they could do them more than once until two or three months until end of the school year. Then I told them that they could do them again if they wanted, since there were 100 spots to fill in the back of the book. No one even asked about doing them a 3rd time.

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Bolo, you said:

I wear my uniform to EVERY scouting event.

Last year at our District Banquet, I decided to wear, uhummm,

a rather short dress.

A parent came up to me and said,

"Oh, you have legs!"


This shouldn't have been a problem, unless you're a man.


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Last night we had a parent at our committee meetings suggest that when people arrive at Blue and Gold, they are greeted by a person who gives them a lei.


Then she added that we should figure out what the Hawaiian word for "welcome" was. We just kinda looked at her and said, "Aloha?"


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