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Boys Life?

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Thanks for all the replies!


My goal for wanting to be 100% is for several reasons. The Quality Unit is one. My son has always loved his BL, and enjoyed it even as a Tiger cub last year. As his reading skills increase, he reads it more and more. And we save them too, so he has been known to read back issues.


I think it shows some of the cool stuff cub scouts get to do, and for boys that don't have as much parental support as I wish they did, I like to think it helps inspire them to stick with scouts so they can do that stuff too. Plus, they get something addressed to THEM in the mail each month. What kid doesn't dig that?


Frankly, as a new pack, we didn't really have a clue during roundups that BL was an option--so many didn't check the box and now I wish they had. So on recharter, I'm aiming to fix it. :-)


We've built it into our pack dues, so we can say for $x amount a year, they get that as a "perk."



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