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Teaching The Buddy System

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I had my weblos den do a game of tag with buddies selected in advance while they were out having fun running around I would blow a blast on a whistle like a lifeguard then the boys would need to find their buddy hold joined hands up and shout buddy team one, two, whatever their team number was when I had heard from all teams I would blow whistle twice to allow return to tag. they liked it.

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I think you teach it with lots and lots of repetition and providing controlled opportunities to practice.


We just took our den of Wolfs on a hike. Once they were paired up with their buddy, the rule was that they had to stay with them NO MATTER WHAT. Of course, as soon as we set the rule, a parent tried to get their kid to go with them and not wait for their buddy who was in the bathroom. Sigh. Thankfully, the kid refused to leave his buddy!


We only had one child we had to keep reminding. All I had to say was "Where's your buddy?"

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Try this one:::


Write up enough 3x5 cards numerically in order( 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) enough for all your Cubs. Line'm up facing away from you.

Go down the line and tape a number to their BACK. Here's the game:


Each Cub must find a NUMBER BUDDY so that they are paired EVEN-ODD

(doesn't matter if they are consecutive, 'course 3-4 works, but so does 6-13, so does 7-10)

but SILENTLY!! NO TALKING!! Point out that they can help each other, but they can't touch the card on their own back, and NO TALKING!!CUB SCOUT PROMISE!!


When everybody has an appropriate partner, lead'em in a ROUND of applause or a cheer. Talk a little about COMMUNICATING and Use that BUDDY for your next game/exercise...





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