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How to Share Leadership with Tiger Teams?

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I am a new Tiger den leader and will be taking position specific training in a few weeks. In the meantime we are moving forward with our den meetings.


My question is this: What parts of the meetings do the host parent-son teams share?


For example, I would expect the den leader to be the one to choose the opening and closing and the Discover (craft/activity) part of the meeting. Should the host team have a say in these? My thinking is that the host team would primarily take leadership in deciding where the Go See It will be. I am thinking the host team might also work with the den leader to decide how to do the craft/activity, give input on what the activity will be, and to direct the activity at the meeting.


I would welcome any thoughts you folks might have on this.

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One of the big leadership skills is communication. For everyone to get the most out of Scouting two way communication is a must.

I think if you start trying to decide who does what and telling people what they are going to do, the end result will be some unhappy people.

Every person who volunteers brings something to the table, we each have different skills and interests. You need to meet with the Tiger Partners and find out : What they want to do and what they are good at.

I don't know when the Tigers in the Pack you serve move on to become Wolves? Back in the day we did the Graduation at the May Pack meeting.

If I were in your shoes I'd have a meeting with the adults and plan the time that the little fellows have. A what, where and who does what format taking in to account, holidays and the activities that the Pack will be doing.

Of course some people will seem that they are good at everything!! Some are and you might want to start laying the foundation for them to be the next Den Leader, some people talk the talk, but don't deliver the goods, so a Plan "B" is a good idea. Be prepared to lose a few, sad but it happens. Some will need help, they have never had to do anything thing like this before.

I know that we no longer use Tiger Den Coach, but you need to be ready to coach the partners that need it.

But if a Partner has an Opening and a Closing, I'd let them use it. The more they do and more involved they are the more lightly they are to stay with the pack. Who knows you might have the next Cubmaster in the Den?


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I will usually call the meeting to order & coordinate the opening flag ceremony & the closing living circle. The Tiger Team signed up to do the meeting runs everything else.


The Team decides if they want to do a den activity or an outing. It is their choice. I do encourage them to do rank achievements first.


The Teams are not out there on their own. I talk to them beforehand to help them sort out what they are doing. I give them all copies of the Cub Program Helps. I am at the meeting & help them however I can. I also have some alternate activities on hand in case they are needed.


We kind of start out slow. Traditionally I will run the first few meetings until they feel more comfortable. This year, we are concentrating more on the Bobcat stuff first.


Have a den calendar & a list of Tiger Teams with contact info for each Team. Have every Team sign up on the calendar to run at LEAST 1 meeting.


The Teams can also help out by bringing the supplies for their meetings & bringing some general supply stuff. You will also be working on things for your Pack meetings. Be sure to involve all of your Teams in those things too.


The more they get involved & do, the more they will become integral parts of the Pack & Scouting!




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Thanks for the input. Scoutnut hit on something I was wondering about: I know about and use the Program Helps but what about the parents? The answer is to share it with them.


I have the first two meetings planned and will see how it goes. I wonder how eager the parents will be about stepping up to the plate and I don't want to make it so onerous that they'll drop out. After they've seen a few meetings maybe their comfort level will increase.

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Welcome to the forum.


It is the responsibility of every Tiger partner to share leadership with you, the TDL. It is important for you to have some meeting with all the Tiger partners to plan who will be planning/running each meeting. When my son was in Tigers, each partner signed up for a month. For us, that entailed running one den meeting and planning one go see it. The TDL, really just made sure everyone knew what was going on (good communication) and covered the pack meetings and the Tigers' advancement. Good luck with this, you should have a lot of fun as a TDL!



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I really enjoyed being a Tiger Den Leader because of the shared leadership!


I usually did the opening (pledge, CSP and short prayer). I set up the 5 achievements into themes for 5 months and had the adult partner teams responsible for the gathering activity, den activity and snack. The den activity almost always met the theme of the month. For example: The Family achievement we did in December where the scouting families went to the movies for a Go See It. We made picture frames with a family photo for the den activity etc.


I had my den agenda set up so that I'd give announcements and talk briefly about the theme of the month as well as let the boys SHARE what they did as their family activity for the past month. We'd do the den activity, have snack and closing ceremony. I also went thru their books during the activity.


Have fun with it, it was a blast for me and my cubs.

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I am also a new Tiger Cub assistant leader. The Den leader and his son took our first Den meeting and my son and I, the second so that the families could sort of see how the program is laid out. We gave them an information sheet at the first Den meeting that outlined what we have in mind for the year. We make sure they have copies of the meeting program planning form and can contact us at any time. I have made sure that all parents know they have all of my resource books and the internet resources to help them come up with ideas for their turn as "leader." Our parents have been very receptive and open to this. Even the most reluctant parent has volunteered to go to training that will benefit the entire Pack. Keep open communications at all times and remind them that the fun part is spending time with their son and allowing their son to do his best at whatever activities they have planned.

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There are 5 achievements in Tigers. Ask the parents to pick an achievement and run with it. The parent would be responsible for; (1) the achievement portion of the den meeting; and (2)the "Go See It" that is associated with the achievement. The "Family" portion of the achievement is spelled out in the book, so no one has to lead it.


As the Den Leader you should be maintaining the structure and "feel" of your meeting. You should do a proper opening and closing (the parents won't know what that should look like....you will) You should tell the parents how much time they have and help them understand the level of difficulty you want the kids exposed to. You should keep the meeting on track, and be ready to step in if a parent falters.


You may want to have a parent plan the gathering activity, but be careful....this is not the activity for the meeting, it is only a gathering activity.


The fun thing about Tigers is that you can entertain them with a blank piece of paper....Good Luck.

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