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New to scouting at Webelos

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I'm new to the group.

My son was a Tiger last year and can't wait to move on.

His excitment has rubbed off on my nephew. He has asked me about joining scouts. He will be going into 4th grade and has never been part of a group like this. he is a quiet boy, very smart but has a hard time talking to kids his own age. My questions is, can someone completely new to the program "get the hang of it" or will it be hard for him starting so late.

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My son started in the 3rd grade and is now a 2nd year scout, going to his second year summer camp. So I say yes that he can jump right in, and who knows, he might even overcome his shyness.



Robert L. DeWitt

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Hi and welcome. We had several boys join as 4th and even as 5th graders. Yes, they CAN do it (though I think 4th grade is easier than 5th grade). Make sure the den leader knows they're brand new to scouts and they should be fine.


By the way, my son sounds a bit like your nephew and we have found scouting to be a really good environment for him, in terms of developing social skills and interacting with other kids in his age range. I hope your nephew enjoys it too!



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Let me also concur. We've had lots of boys join in 4th grade, and they've done fine. Since the Webelos program is a continuous program for 4th and 5th grades, 4th grade is actually a very convenient time to start. We've had boys succeed when starting in 5th grade, too, but the record there is more mixed.


Oak Tree

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In Fall of 2004, I had three boys join my Webelos Den as 4th graders (they were all invited by my son). One of them stayed through the end of 4th grade and did not continue (due to sports), but the other two stayed all the way through to this year, earned their Arrow of Light and are now Boy Scouts.


I think one good thing about joining in 4th grade is that the Webelos Program is a lot different from the lower ranks, and the new boys only have to learn the Webelos ways (leader signs off, not parent, etc) Also, because a lot of boys change to the tan uniform when they move to Webelos, the new boys don't really look any different (not having the lower rank badges). They just start out with the tan uniform and eventually sew their webelos badge on, just like the other guys who change to tan uniforms.





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Welcome to the campfire.


Scouting has plenty of age-appropriate activities. He'll do Bobcat, and then go on to the Webelos program. The whole idea is to make his life in his den a grand game. :)


As several have said, if he's with a friend, it will go better :)

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Maybe your son could receive his "Recruiting" strip :-)


Your nephew will likely do great starting as a Webelos 1. It's a perfect time for him to start because the program will be new for ALL the boys, even the returning ones. It's a lot different than the lower levels.


I have a den full of over-achievers. Like your nephew, they are quite bright, most are in the gifted program at school. One in particular started with us last year as a Bear. We were told, "He's going to be the quietest one in your den." HA! He jumped in with both feet - it helped that he knew 2 of our boys, but Scouting has been GREAT for him - his parents are so pleased that he has found a place where he can be comfortable with his peers. He has a blast at our den meetings!


Best wishes to your nephew as he starts on the Scouting trail!




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Welcome! And let me add another encouraging voice to the group!


Your nephew is already excited by the idea of Scouts - Sign him up!


We had a number of 4th & 5th graders sign up last year & this year. One boy who signed up in 4th grade last year is the son of a good friend of mine. Our Charter Org is the men's club of our local Catholic Church. I would say that at least 95% of the boys attend the Catholic school there and 99% of the boys are Catholic. My friend's family is Lutheran. Their son attends a Lutheran school in another town. He did not know ANY of the boys in his den, or the rest of the Pack either. He also has ADHD, some other learning/behavior issues, is a bit shy & is a VERY smart kid. To top it off his dad was not a big fan of Boy Scouting! His dad went with him to den meetings & they BOTH loved it! He earned his Lutheran religious award in 4th grade & had a blast making new friends, learning stuff & having fun. He crossed to our BS Troop this year & is very excited!


We had another family who joined last year with 1 3rd & 1 4th grader. The boys love scouting & did great! Their little brother was in tears at our last Pack meeting this year because we had a brand new Tiger receive his scarf & it was NOT him! After watching the fun his big brothers were having, he had been after his mom for weeks to finally sign him up & she thought she had to wait until August!


Your nephew will do GREAT!


Again, Welcome to Scouting & these forums!

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I love the Web program. It is best if your nephew is in a group that he already has friends in. It simply makes it a little easier. Since your son is already in the Pack it would make since for your nephew to be in the same Pack. The main thing is that he is excited about starting his Scouting life.

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