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Winter Camp-out for Cubs

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Granted I'm a year out of the Cub program (actually, since I last posted I'm a NOcubdad -- all Boy Scouts now), but I don't recall Winter Camping being addressed in the G2SS as a separate activity.


Cub Scouts are permitted to go Family Camping, which means among other things that a parent is with them and individually responsible for their health and safety. While as a conscientious Cubmaster I cancelled a number of campouts due to bad weather (and took a good bit of guff from the he-man campers), it is ultimately up to the parent to decide to participate or not.


Our pack committee had this discussion several years ago. We decided it this way: Cub Scout camping is not about overcoming adversity, building character or testing ones mettle. Cub Scout camping is about having fun. Spending a weekend in a tent with a cold, wet, miserable 8-year old is definitely no fun.

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Long-time-no-see. Nice to see you back.


There is a separate chapter in the G2SS about winter camping (chapter 13), but it is just recommendations on how to be safe. The more relevant point for this discussion comes from the appendix of age-appropriate activities, where it indicates that winter camping is appropriate for Boy Scouts and up.


The current on-line version of that appendix doesn't have the paragraphs that say these are clearly just guidelines, and that units should use their own judgement in applying them. But that text does show up on council web sites (for example, http://www.quapawbsa.org/age-appropriate.htm ). Sometimes I wonder if the best example they could come up with was that it is probably ok to winter camp in Alaska. I mean, really? "We're used to the cold up here, so we like to take Cub Scouts out in 50 below weather as a weekend activity." I'd think that winter camping in Hawaii would be a better bet. But maybe they mean it would be more likely to be fine to take Cub Scouts camping in the snow in Alaska, depending on the judgement of the unit.


I agree that Cub Scouts is about having fun. We have had a couple Webelos dens where the boys thought it would be really fun to camp in the cold (relatively speaking), and they were right. But they weren't toughing it out - they were enjoying it.


Oak Tree

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BelieveinScouts, I noticed you're from Cincinnati, OH area. Our Pack, based in Milford, OH has successfully had Winter Campouts for years where all ranks can attend.


Specifically, you'll find two large yurts (60 people each) at Chilo Lock and Dam #34 in Chilo, OH (SE Clermont County). Each are heated by wood burning stoves and firewood is supplied. Crooked Run Nature Preserve is RIGHT beind the yurts and a museum onsite that details the history of the dam system and barges/boats that use them.


Here's a link to the yurts (check out Facilities and Reservables links):



Here's a link to last sign up for this event on our site:



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When Kevin was in Cubs we went family camping every winter. Normally the first weekend of Nov.

One outing it got down to 22. But everyone had the proper clothing.

Sock liners can be purchased an any military surplus store for about $2.00. I then put on wool socks. My winter boots are 1/2 size larger than my summer boots. This gives me extra room for extra socks. If I can keep my feet, hands and head warm the rest of me will make do. I also keep those little hand warmer packets in my car at all times when my boys are out in the winter. I buy them by the case.

Years ago when I had two GS troops one was highschool age. THey wanted to camp every year the week between Christmas and New YEars. One year it sleeted us in. 6" of ice came down in about a 2hr period. We were at one of the primative camp sites. And this was long before cell phones. I managed to get out on my CB and they got work to parents. We had to spend an extra 4 days. One important thing about winter camping it the food you cook. High protein. Heavier foods that give more energy. We were lucky on that trip because we always take more food than we really need. The girls had a ball but that was because they had the proper equipment.

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