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Changes to Tiger Program

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I've been the assistant den leader for my older son's den for the last two years (Tiger and Wolf), but beginning in June, I'm going to be the Tiger Den Leader for my younger son. I recently purchased the latest version of The Cub Scout Leader Book and discovered a couple changes have been made to the Tiger program effective June 1, 2006:


1. The Tiger Cub Motto has been replaced with the Cub Scout Motto.

2. The Bobcat rank must be earned before the Tiger rank (previously it was the other way around).


I have some questions about these changes, but I seem to be the first person in our district to have seen them, and I have not been able to find any information online (not even on the national BSA website). I'm hoping someone here can help me out.


1. Given that the requirements to earn the Tiger Cub emblem are a subset of the Bobcat requirements, can the boys earn the Tiger Cub emblem before earning the Bobcat rank?


2. Can the boys earn beads for Tiger Cub achievements before earning the Bobcat rank?


3. When will a new edition of the Tiger book that reflects these changes be available?





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To answer your questions - As of 06/01/06 -


1) NO

2) NO

3) You would think ASAP, but considering that the current book still shows the Tiger uniform as the orange t-shirt - Your guess is as good as mine!

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It seems that as of the next program year, BSA is bringing Tigers a few steps closer to being a "regular" Cub den.


Previously, they lost their "Big Ideas" & their iron on Tiger paws. Then their Tiger Promise & uniform went away. Their Tiger emblem also went thru a few changes. Now they are losing their Tiger Motto and joining the rest of the Pack with regards to when they earn Bobcat.


About the only things that BSA has yet to change is the fact that Tigers MUST have an Adult Partner register with them & that the den is run using Shared Leadership.


Considering the pilot kindergarten program out there, I will not be suprised when the Tigers also loose this in a few years.


BTW - The Bobcat change is mentioned on the new Tiger Fast Start training in the new Elearning site -





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I checked out fast start and your wright. I was at training yesterday They knew nothing of the changes

to the tiger program. I would hope a new book is

aviabile if the would enclude these changes in

fast start, but I see no mention of it on line.

at Scout stuff. I think they must likely have the cart before the horse.

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Sounds like another BSA Soup Sandwich in the making.


When we look back at what they've done with the Tiger Program during the past few years, it's not surprising that this would be the next logical progression.


In all liklyhood, there will be a one year overlap during which time you can run the program either way. The revised books will of course be very late in making their way to the Scout Shop. If you do nothing but follow the current book, you will be OK. Don't make any assuptions! Just follow the book. If they introduce a new book mid year, they won't require you to redo all your work to date.


I think the move to make the Tiger Program just like the rest of the CS program is a good one. But I do think that the Lion program is a bit much. There have always been the comparisons between the GSA Daisy Program and BSA's Tiger Program and it's become accepted that little boys are different than little girls and therefore BSA starts Tigers in the 1st Grade, instead of Kindergarten.


The Lion program will require some very special people to pull it off and be successful at it. In addition, Cub Scout Leaders tend to burn out. We already have a shortage of CS Leaders, what kind of dynamic is this going to set up?

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I'm glad their making changes to Tiger Cubs to incorporate them into the full Cub Scout program. The transition has been painfully slow. Tigers should have been a full Cub Scout program from the very beginning. I avoided putting my son into Tigers because I did not perceive them a "real" Cub Scouts.



QUOTE by fotoscout:

"The Lion program will require some very special people to pull it off and be successful at it. Cub Scout Leaders tend to burn out. We already have a shortage of CS Leaders, what kind of dynamic is this going to set up?"


Hopefully with the addition of new parents will come the addition of more volunteer leaders. That does not always happen. Our Pack does not officially have a Tiger Den because none of the parents would step up to be a Tiger Den Leader. Most of them did not warm up to the fact that they were required to be at every den meeting with their son. This was an unfortunate situation for us because we had about 10 Tigers last year and this year we have none. Dynamics can change so fast in a Pack.


About burning out: Keep it fun and keep it simple. It's easy to get overwhelmed when we read and look at the leader handbooks and program guides. Don't follow the "program helps" if it does not help you, your den/pack, or your budget. Program helps are merely ideas to help you, but are not the law. Be flexible to do something that is completely different from the Program Guide. The BSA police will not come and arrest you. Cub Scouts is designed to teach values and skills while having a relaxing and fun time.



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My son, currently a Tiger has used the 2005 Tiger book since last fall. The cover does have the boys in blue uniforms.


I have been asking around about these things, and my DE is currently handling it. I reminded him that it is now Bobcat before Tiger, but he didn't know about the Tiger Cub motto discontinuation. (Especially since they have a bunch of event patches for the incoming Tigers that say "Search, Discover, Share".)


I asked the guy in the Scout Shop at my council if BSA was going to reprint the books, and he said, "Probably not."


What makes me wonder is if the Meeting Program form will change, since three of the parts of the meeting are Search, Discover, and Share. I also thought that the whole purpose of Go-See-It was to support the motto.


I'm not sure how I feel about the Bobcat before Tiger. My son just finished Bobcat requirements on Sunday. We've been working on it since Sept. It's one thing to be able to say it, but the hard part is explaining it. Remember first grade boys are still emerging readers, and the boys may have to rely on their adult partner reading it to them over and over.....


And if this change isn't enough, I still have to convince my pack that my son can earn Bobcat as a Tiger. After all, it is in the Tiger book.

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Bobcat requirements are in the Tiger handbook so that your boys can practice -- they cannot officially earn Bobcat until June 1 as they enter their Wolf year.


OF COURSE, on this particular upcoming June 1 that will change and the new Tigers can earn Bobcat immediately, just like your new Wolves.



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As a Tiger Den Leader, I think it is great to be able to work and earn the Bobcat Badge at the beginning of the Tiger year, and with solid parental involvement, the oys can easily complete the requirements. It sure is challenging for the little guys to explain the meaning and parts of the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack required for Bobcat, but the boys are certainly able to memorize and repeat the law and promise purely through repition (and adult partner home practice) during the opening and closing of each meeting. We started memorizing and discussing the law, promise, motto, hand shake and salute (all Bobcat requirements) in August, and the Tiger Den is right on track to receive their Bobcat Badge in May.


Both the 2005 Tiger Handbook on page 152 and the 2005 Cub Leader Handbook on pages 19-6 & 19-7 state that Tigers can indeed earn their Bobcat after they earn their Tiger Badge and while still Tigers. There is no requirement to wait until June 1st.

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When I was trained, I was told that if it was in the book, then they can do it. It is in the book. Each of the 8 requirements are are there completely, and "How to protect you children from child abuse" section is there, encompassing multiple pages.


In addition, Aleka has a space to sign off and the Den Leader signs off on it. Then the boy can color the paw print in. Why would I sign off for practice?


I don't think that BSA would put these there just to take about an extra 15 pages or so.


The introduction to the Bobcat section doesn't say that they have to wait until they are in the Wolf den.


Some of the people I have talked to about this have not seen the 2005 book, and that is where the disaggreement is coming in. I'm wondering if scout shops are trying to sell off the old books before they stock the new books.


I also think that the disaggreemnt is happening becuase the Tigers are transitioning from being a separate entity from the pack (in the early days) to it being a full rank. With all transitions, there is a lot of questions and confusion on what is happening.


There are many pack websites that state that they can, and others that they can't. Those sites that allow Tigers to get Bobcat as a Tiger all state that Tiger has to be earned first.


I have turned in the paperwork for my son's Bobcat to council. (We don't have an Advancment chair, and the DE told me that I can do it.) I'm hoping if I am misinterpreting the book that they'll correct me.


The Fast Start training says this:

"Tiger Cubs first earn the Tiger Cub badge, then later, the Bobcat badge."



"Later" when is the question.


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Under the current Tiger program (i.e., pre June 1, 2006), the boys earn their Tiger, then any time after that, they can earn their Bobcat. There is no reason to wait until June 1.


Beginning June 1, 2006, they will earn the Bobcat before earning their Tiger rank, just as is the case for all other ranks and ages of Cub Scouts.


Does that answer your "when" question?

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SpongeBob, welcome to the group. I guess you might find it helpful to contact your district advancement chair and ask him or her for a clear interpretation. I don't have a copy of the current cub leader handbook to reference, but if Lucky Red Lion is correct and it does indeed say that on pgs 19-6 and 19-7, then that would certainly be something to point out to your committee and the district adv. chair too, in your quest for a clear explanation.



The following is a quote from the "Tiger Cub History" section of one of my favorite Cubbing websites, the Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook. While not an official BSA site, it is highly reliable and a good starting point for locating additional information about the cubbing program. (Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have been updated to include the forthcoming Tiger changes yet - but note that the change re: when the Bobcat may be earned is listed as having taken place in 2001.)




"During the first 18 years of the Tiger Cubs program the BSA received ample feedback regarding the successes and shortcomings of "Tiger Cubs - BSA." Then, in May of 2001 the BSA announced vast changes to the Tiger Cubs - BSA program. Highlights of the new Tiger Cub program include:



"Tiger Cub" is now a Cub Scout rank.


Tiger Cubs can complete the Bobcat requirements before leaving first grade.






And here's the URL for that page:



And for the homepage of the Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook



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